Odor Control for Active Lifestyles

Odor Control for Active Lifestyles

Odor Control for Active Lifestyles

In this computer age, in which we all seem to sit behind a desk all day, exercise is more important than ever. But what kinds of odors are emitting from those gym bags, shoes, and more? And what types of odors occur in the gym or in your workout room? How do you control those sweaty, stinky odors? Fresh Wave can help! Fresh Wave has multiple solutions for all sorts of odors associated with a fit, active lifestyle.

What is Fresh Wave?

Fresh Wave is a revolutionary technology in the world of odor elimination. Fresh Wave doesn’t mask the odor with synthetic or artificial fragrances. Rather, Fresh Wave uses advanced odor elimination to rid your space of any odors that gather during your time in the workout room. With the use of natural oil plants like orange oil, cedarwood, pine, clove, and anise, no harsh perfumes will try to mask an odor. Instead, you’re just left with freshness.

Fresh Wave for the Athlete

You’re looking to be in the best shape you can be, but don’t want to deal with the odors that come with it. And we get that. Fresh Wave has many products designed just for you.

Is Running Your Vibe?

Whether you’re a daily runner or a weekend warrior, you work out, you sweat and you need something to work hard to get rid of that odor, so that you won’t have to. No matter how clean you think your sneakers are, they are likely much less fresh on the inside. One solution we have at Fresh Wave is our Packs. While storing those sneakers, let our products do the work so that you can get back out and be that pavement princess (or prince) you were meant to be. Simply slip the Packs inside your shoes after a workout and let our scent removal technology get you on your way, so that you and your sneakers are sole mates once again.

Recommended product: Lemon Odor Removing Packs

Are you a Weightlifter?

Ok, Gym junkie! You’ve finished your workout sesh and it’s time to get back to work. So, throw those clothes in a gym bag and hit the road. How do we eliminate the odors in your gym bag? Why not try an odor-removing Fresh Pack? Tossing one of those in your bag is going to keep your gear smelling fresh even after the toughest workout.

Recommended product: Odor Removing Packs

If you’d rather put your stuff in your locker until you can get to it later, you don’t want workout odors to build up. Try putting one of our best sellers, the Fresh Pod in that locker space and save yourself the hassle of a stinky smell when you return to it later.

Recommended product: Fresh Pod

Is a Yoga Class More Your Speed?

We’ve all been there, finishing up a yoga class and running to the next thing so we just put our yoga pants in the bag and wait until we get home to throw them in the wash. Well, why not try some Fabric Spray to keep things fresh in the meantime? Using this on your gym bag can eliminate even the toughest odors until you get a chance to do your laundry.

Recommended product: Fabric Spray

While you’re at it, why not stick a Fresh Pod in your locker at the yoga studio to get rid of any lingering odors that may remain on your mat or your yoga pants.

Recommended product: Fresh Pods

When you do get to that laundry room, a great solution to eliminate the really tough odors is the Laundry Booster. Adding this to your wash will effectively remove those hard to tackle body odors.

Recommended product: Laundry Booster

We bring natural products to help promote your good health

Your health is important to you. And it’s important to us, too. This is why we have created these products to have a natural process of odor removal for your workout needs. Each and every one of our products is made with all natural ingredients so that you don’t have to mask gym odors with harsh toxins or chemicals. You can simply remove them easily and effectively.

Fresh Step Products for all your Athletic Needs

Whether you work out every day, run marathons, or just hit the gym once a week, you want to stay in shape, and we are here to help! Our plant-based ingredients are safer and effective when it comes to removing those heavy body odors, stale sneaker smells, and funky yoga mat aromas. We thrive on helping to safely eliminate your gym and workout odors! For more information or to figure out which products are the most workout friendly, visit us on our website today or follow us on Instagram or Facebook and get updates and information on all of our products.