Fresh Pod


Pop in a Pod, let the Pack do its job. Stick it to big odors in small spaces with our adhesive-backed Fresh Wave Pod. Easily install it into trash cans, diaper pails, closets, lockers, boats, and RVs. Inside you’ll find a refillable pack of powerful odor-removing beads. Refresh your Pod every 30 days for continuous odor elimination.

Original / Single
Natural Ingredients
No Harmful Ingredients
Water Based
With Plant Oils

Easy application

Simply clean and wipe off the surface where you’ll apply to Pod. Peel off the adhesive tape and press the Pod to the surface for 15 seconds.  

Easy to refill

Each Pod comes with a Fresh Wave Pack, which will continually absorb and neutralize odors for up to 30 days. When your Pack runs out, grab a 6 count resealable bag for easy breezy refills. 

Plant-based and powerful

Inside the Pack you’ll find real plant oils that remove odors in the environment. Made with lime, pine needle, clove, anise, cedarwood, and other proprietary oils, the Pack leaves your small spaces smelling natural and fresh. 

Over 30 years of science

Our odor-fighting formula has been developed with over 30 years of solving every kind of odor—from landfills to water waste, from everyday household odors to smelly shoes. Our natural chemistry is what makes us different. We’re not masking odors but truly eliminating them. 

How to Use

Step 1

Wipe surface clean and let dry

Step 2

Peel off adhesive tape strips on the back of Pod

Step 3

Press Pod firmly to surface for 15 seconds

Step 4

Open Pod and place Fresh Wave Pack; snap shut

Step 5

Replace Pack every 30-60 days