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Restore your home's natural balance

Some air fresheners don’t work as advertised. They often hide odors behind fake perfumes. Or rely on unsafe ingredients that can make you sick or harm the earth.

Fresh Wave erases odors, leaving only fresh air behind, by using safe, simple ingredients and natural chemistry. Now anyone can solve everyday odors. It’s time to rethink how you refresh.

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Rethink How You Refresh

Odor Solutions

  • Gels Gels Gels

    Continuous Odor Removers

    Best For
    Household Odors
  • Sprays Sprays Sprays

    Instant Odor Removers

    Best For
    Air & Fabric Odors
  • Laundry Booster Laundry Booster Laundry Booster

    Instant Odor Removers

    Best For
    Clothes, Fabrics, & Surface Odors
  • Candles & Melts Candles & Melts Candles & Melts

    Continuous Odor Removers

    Best For
    Large Room Odors
  • Packs & Pods Packs & Pods Packs & Pods

    Continuous Odor Removers

    Best For
    Shoe & Trash Can Odors
  • Vacuum Beads Vacuum Beads Vacuum Beads

    Continuous Odor Removers

    Best For
    Vacuum Odors
  • Kits Kits Kits

    Specially Curated Kits

    Best For
    Tackling Tough Odors

Solve every odor

Odors from pets, kids, smoke, or cooking?
Fresh Wave's got a solution.
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Fresh Wave

What Fresh Wave Users Are Saying

"Fresh Wave Gel … has been my go-to product for years. Unwanted odors are gone."
"I couldn't recommend this product enough! Thank you Fresh Wave for helping my family become odor free."
"Both of my dogs got nailed by a skunk in one night. They both were bathed with your pet shampoo and the skunk odor was gone immediately!"
"I didn't think these little guys would actually make a difference but, it is a game changer."
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