Fresh Wave Works for Odor Control On the Go

Fresh Wave Works for Odor Control On the Go

Fresh Wave Works for Odor Control On the Go

In our fast-paced world it can be a challenge to manage the little things in life. Whether you’re a mom or in the work force, you’re constantly on the go and we get that. Fresh Wave takes the hassle out of odor control, here are some ways that it works!

What is Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave is odor control technology that harnesses the power of nature and science. By putting these two elements together, we have come up with a system for getting rid of odors that is literally like no other. And even better, it is a safer product to have around kids, pets, and the planet! We don’t use chemicals, artificial fragrances, and toxic perfumes to cover odors. We get rid of them once and for all.

How does Fresh Wave work?

Fresh Wave uses a three-step process to knock out tough odors. This process is known as Find, Bind, Leave Nothing Behind.

  1. Find-The natural plant-based oils in Fresh Wave seek out bad odors.
  2. Bind-Natural properties of these natural oils bind to the odor and surround the odor molecules.
  3. Nothing Left Behind-A chemical reaction destroys the odor, leaving behind nothing but freshness.

How did Fresh Wave get started?

For over thirty years, the odor control technology used by Fresh Wave has controlled and eliminated big odors. When we say big, we mean BIG. This odor elimination has been used by wastewater plants, landfills, power plants, and more to control the major malodorous fumes these places emit. Fresh Wave has been very successful at eliminating these odors once and for all. They’re not coming back. That gave us an idea.

Why not create a product using the same technology and the science of harnessing natural products to control home odors, car odors, pet odors, and many more? We’ve transferred the technology right into your own home. Your olfactory system will be celebrating about how little an odor remains after our products work on these stinky fumes.


On the Go

Busy Parents:

If anyone knows about driving all over town and trying to quickly get from one place to another it’s a mom or dad. And if anyone knows about how quickly things can get stinky, it’s a parent. From diaper pails to soccer shoes, busy parents need a quick and easy way to eliminate kid odors from their kids’ stuff. Here are some quick and easy solutions for parents on the go.

Fresh Pod

The Fresh Pod is a quick solution to so many odors. This Pod can be stuck in a diaper pail, a garbage can, or even in a car to quickly remove stale or stinky odors that build up in these areas. This one is perfect for busy parents on the go and can really be a game changer when it comes to odor removal. Remember, we aren’t covering a scent. We are getting rid of it once and for all.

Laundry Booster

We know kids can make messes and sometimes these messes are stinky. Sometimes these messes get all over their clothes. So why not add a Laundry Booster to the cart and make your life easy. This will eliminate odors once and for all.

Best of all, you can rest assured that as a parent you are not going to have to worry about the safety of your children. When it comes to these products, they are all natural using the power of nature to remove odors. They are safe and leave no heavy fragrance behind.

Busy College Students

Life can be so crazy when you’re in college just trying to make things happen, finish papers, and remain active on campus. The last thing you want to deal with is odor removal. Here are some products that could help remove those odors once and for all.

Odor Removing Gel

This handy little jar of Gel can safely be tucked under a bed or in a closet to work around the clock at removing odors. With this guy on the clock 24/7 you can be busy at work on your own life and will not have to worry about odor control.

Fabric Spray

This product is so handy to quickly refresh your fabrics. Having a few friends over to the dorm for a quick study sesh? Just spritz a little of this spray onto your pillows and duvet and those stale dorm room odors will be history.

Managing a Busy Work Schedule

You work hard at your job. When you get home, to the office or into your car, you don’t want to have to worry about odor control. Here are some ideas for a busy work life that will make your life much easier.

Fresh Packs

These can be stuck inside a work bag, a briefcase or even in a shoe to grab those odors and get rid of them. With scents such as lavender or lemon, you’ll be worry free when it comes to odor and enjoy the pleasant and light fragrance of odor canceling technology.

Fresh Wave Products for Your Life on the Go

Whether you’re a busy parent, a college student, or just have a strong sense of smell, we understand you and we want help! We can take the worry about odors off your plate so that you can focus on other things. Let us handle the odors! You do you! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and get updates and information on all of our products, from home odor elimination to gym shoes to pet odor elimination, we have your odors handled. We don’t mask odors. We eliminate them. For more information or to shop our products, visit us on our website today.