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Meet the Fresh Wave family and say goodbye to household odors. These hard-working, versatile products can solve any odor issue.  
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Gel (7 oz.)
Eliminate odors and freshen up your space with these odor-absorbing gels. Made with plant oils, they neutralize odors without any harsh chemicals or fragrances. As the gels work, they release a light and natural scent that fades away as the odors disappear. These gels are subtle but extremely effective, so... Learn More
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Gel (15 oz.)
Keep your space fresh, 24/7. This odor-absorbing gel takes care of household smells around the clock, giving you peace of mind where you need it most. The jar is easy to tuck away in baby rooms, bathrooms, and basements‚ or anywhere you need ongoing odor control. You can breathe easily... Learn More
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Gel Refill (63 oz.)
Refill and chill. No need to stress over stubborn odors when you got all the odor-absorbing gel you need in one convenient container. With 63 ounces of continuous-release gel, you can fight odors around the house and around the clock. Simply pour the gel into one of our Small or... Learn More
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Gel Bucket Refill (248 oz.)
For true Fresh Wave fans. Keep your favorite odor absorbing gel on hand. This 2-gallon bucket makes it easy to refill your gel containers and eliminate everyday odors throughout the house. Our biggest refill ever, this Gel Bucket will help you save time and money, while truly removing odors.
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Travel Spray (2 fl. oz.)
Wherever you go, Fresh Wave Spray is your fresh air essential. These 2 oz travel sprays will clear the air of odors in hotels, gyms, cars, and public restrooms. Pack them in your purse or laptop bag and give your clothes a quick refresh when you're on the move. This... Learn More
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Air Spray (8 oz.)
Meet this mighty fine mist. It sprays like an aerosol, but it’s way safer for the planet. The light spray floats gently on the air, absorbing odors in your rooms without leaving a sticky residue on your surfaces. Whenever the air in your kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms is feeling... Learn More
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Fabric Spray (8 fl. oz.)
Made with plants, not perfume. If you are looking for a natural way to refresh your fabrics and rooms, look no further. Our odor-removing Fabric & Linen Spray clears the air of odors and removes stubborn smells that get trapped in surfaces and fabrics. Try Lavender in the bathroom, Lemon in... Learn More
Fabric Spray Refill (32 fl. oz.)
Save that spray bottle! With an easy-pour spout, this Fabric and Linen Spray Refill makes it easy to top off any sized Fresh Wave Bottle. This 32 oz refill will top off 4 of our 8 oz bottles, so you can save some green and keep your life smelling fresh... Learn More
Fresh Pod
NEW and IMPROVED! The same powerful Pod that stops big odors in small spaces, now with a sleek new design. Insert this adhesive-backed Pod into a trash can to remove ongoing odors. The Pod contains one (1) Pack, a sachet of odor-removing beads. You can refill the Pod with a... Learn More
Packs (6 ct.)
Say goodbye to big odors in small places. Say hello to a tiny yet mighty pack of freshness. These deodorizing Fresh Wave Packs are the ideal size to put in trash cans, diaper pails, closets, shoes, gym bags, cars, boats, and RVs. Packed with plant-based ingredients, you can pop a... Learn More
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Laundry Booster (24 fl. oz.)
Look forward to laundry day. Fresh Wave Laundry Booster is a great addition to your laundry routine. This powerful, plant-based laundry additive will bring a new level of freshness to your clothes, linens, and towels. Get stubborn odors out of your fabrics and leave behind a fresh scent with every... Learn More
Vacuum Beads (5.25 oz.)
$11.99 $11.99
When your vacuum is sucking up crumbs, dander, and dust, it’s also sucking up bad smells. These odors can get trapped in your vacuum bag or canister, making your room smell worse every time you’re trying to freshen it up. We’ve got a simple, plant-based solution: Fresh Wave Vacuum Beads.... Learn More
Stain & Odor Remover (24 fl. oz.)
Save your furniture from your furry friends. If your pets have made a mess on your fabrics, furniture, or flooring, you can easily get rid of the stains and smells with this multipurpose Stain and Odor Remover. Simply clean up the mess and spray the affected area. Wait 15 minutes... Learn More
Pet Spray (16 fl. oz.)
When nature calls, nature solves. No matter what stinky smells your sweet dog or cat have stirred up, the Fresh Wave Pet Odor Removing Spray will solve those odors for good. Using natural, active ingredients like orange oil, it’s safe for people, pets, and the planet. Effective and long-lasting, it’ll... Learn More
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Litter Box Gel (7 oz.)
Here’s the scoop on litter box odors: you can easily remove them with this Litter Box Gel. Experience purrfectly fresh air in any basement, bathroom, or pet room with this powerful, odor absorbing, continuous release gel. Simply place the gel near the litter box and funky feline smells are neutralized... Learn More
Dog Shampoo (16 fl. oz.)
Dog sprayed by a skunk? Your pup getting into stinky smells? Your entire house reeks like the dog days of summer? Don’t be bummed. Fresh Wave’s Lemongrass Dog Shampoo is made with active plant-based ingredients that safely and effectively eliminate odor molecules in your dog’s fur. So, no matter what... Learn More
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Small Spaces Duo
$16.98 $14.49
Take out the trash and take out tough odors around the house. The Small Spaces Duo has everything you need to tackle bad smells in garbage cans and other small spaces with serious stink. Just adhere the Pod to any surface where you need ongoing odor relief. When the Pack... Learn More
Spray Essentials Trio
$26.97 $24.27
You’ll be spraying all day! Find your favorite natural, plant-based scent with this powerful 3-pack. Each Trio includes an Original, Lemon, and Lavender 8 oz. Fabric Spray bottle. The light and balanced scents come from real essential oils, so you can spritz all your fabrics and furniture without worrying about... Learn More
Fresh Home Solutions
$27.97 $26.57
Come home to a breath of fresh air. The Fresh Home Solutions Kit is the perfect place to start if you’re new to the Fresh Wave experience. Featuring our three best-selling odor removers, you can refresh your home with ease. Just pick your favorite nature-inspired scent, and you’ll be ready... Learn More
Spray Starter Kit
$32.98 $29.99
Save more when you buy the Spray Starter Kit. The kit includes one 8 oz Fabric Spray for targeted, instant odor relief and one 32 oz. Spray Refill to top off your empty bottle. Fresh Wave eliminates odor molecules using the power of plant oils and can be used on clothing,... Learn More
Gel Essentials Trio
$44.97 $38.22
Transform your space with the Gel Essentials Trio, a dynamic trio of odor-fighting gels. Each kit includes a 15 oz Original Gel, 15 oz Lavender Gel, and a 15 oz Lemon Gel, ensuring you have the perfect scent for every odor and every mood. Harnessing the power of real essential... Learn More
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Gel Starter Kit
$69.97 $61.72
Welcome to a fresh start. This Gel Starter Kit has everything you need to control odors and refresh your rooms around the house. The already discounted kit includes (2) 15 oz. Gels and a 63 oz. Gel Refill. You can set and forget your Gels for 24/7 odor relief, placing... Learn More
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Odor Eliminating Candle (7 oz.)
More than just an aroma, more than just a mood. When you light our Fresh Wave Odor Removing Candle, you’ll get rid of bad smells throughout your rooms. Packed with plant oils, our natural, active ingredients circulate through your air, eliminating odor molecules as the candle burns.

You deserve fresh air everywhere.

The Fresh Wave product line is a complete system for eliminating odors at home. We're committed to using plant-based ingredients that are safe for people, pets, and the planet. We don't mask odors with perfume or fragrance. Instead, our science absorbs and neutralizes odors. Easy-to-use, our versatile products remove odors from the air, fabrics, furniture, and more. From Sprays to Candles, Packs to Gels, we help you target odors as they occur and absorb ongoing ones.