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Odor Eliminating Gels

Our odor eliminator gels provide discreet 24/7 odor relief, wherever you need it most. Just set and forget your gel as it absorbs unwanted smells in your home.

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Gel (15 oz.)
Keep your space fresh, 24/7. This odor-absorbing gel takes care of household smells around the clock, giving you peace of mind where you need it most. The jar is easy to tuck away in baby rooms, bathrooms, and basements‚ or anywhere you need ongoing odor control. You can breathe easily... Learn More
Best Seller
Gel Refill (63 oz.)
Refill and chill. No need to stress over stubborn odors when you got all the odor-absorbing gel you need in one convenient container. With 63 ounces of continuous-release gel, you can fight odors around the house and around the clock. Simply scoop the gel into one of our Small or... Learn More
Gel Bucket Refill
For true Fresh Wave fans. Keep your favorite odor absorbing gel on hand. This 2-gallon bucket makes it easy to refill your gel containers and eliminate everyday odors throughout the house. Our biggest refill ever, this Gel Bucket will help you save time and money, while truly removing odors.
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Gel (7 oz.)
Eliminate odors and freshen up your space with these odor-absorbing gels. Made with plant oils, they neutralize odors without any harsh chemicals or fragrances. As the gels work, they release a light and natural scent that fades away as the odors disappear. These gels are subtle but extremely effective, so... Learn More
Best Seller
Litter Box Gel
Here’s the scoop on litter box odors: you can easily remove them with this Litter Box Gel. Experience purrfectly fresh air in any basement, bathroom, or pet room with this powerful, odor absorbing, continuous release gel. Simply place the gel near the litter box and funky feline smells are neutralized... Learn More

Fight the funk around-the-clock with Fresh Wave Gels.

Fresh Wave Gels are a versatile lineup of odor-absorbing products designed to keep your space fresh and inviting. Whether you choose the Small Gel, Large Gel, Litter Box Gel, or Gel Bucket refill, you can trust in their powerful odor control capabilities. The Small and Large Gel work 24/7 to continually neutralize odors in the air. The Litter Box Gel effectively tackles odors near litter boxes, creating a pleasant environment for both you and your furry friend. And with the Gel Bucket refill, you can easily replenish your Fresh Wave Gels whenever needed. Formulated with natural plant-based ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, Fresh Wave Gels are safe to use around children and pets. Enjoy non-stop fresh air with Fresh Wave Gels.