Eliminate Pet Odors With Ease

Eliminate Pet Odors With Ease

Eliminate Pet Odors With Ease

Having a pet can mean lots of fun and companionship, but it can also mean pet odors of all kinds. From litterbox odors to dog smell, Fresh Wave has you covered. They carry a variety of products designed to cover the removal of pet odors from your home.

What is Fresh Wave?

Fresh Wave is an odor removal system. Our products work in a three-step process. The process is as follows

  1. Find-The natural plant-based oils in Fresh Wave seek out bad odors.
  2. Bind-Natural properties of these natural oils bind to the odor and surround the odor molecules.
  3. Nothing Left Behind-A chemical reaction destroys the odor, leaving behind nothing but freshness.

Fresh Wave doesn’t play around when it comes to odor removal. There is no masking of the odor when you use our products. Our products are meant to get rid of the odor so that it does not come back. Everyone has experienced the other kind of odor removal, where a fruity or powdery smelling product is used to cover up an odor in the room. It simply doesn’t work. The real way to rid your home of odors is to use our system to actually eliminate the odors.

Fresh Wave for Pet Owners

Speaking of odors, some of the toughest odors to battle are pet odors. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a bunny, a hamster, or a ferret, Fresh Wave has the right product for you.

Safety First

One of the risks of using any odor masking product is the danger that harsh chemicals can pose to your faithful companions. Fresh Wave is a product that is safer for your furry friends. We create our product to absorb and neutralize odors in the air without relying on synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals that are commonly found in traditional air fresheners. Instead, Fresh Wave products use natural, active ingredients to effectively get rid of unwanted odors, leaving behind a clean and fresh-smelling environment without introducing potentially harmful substances into the air.

Here is a list of some of our products as well as an explanation of how our products work:

Odor Removing Pet Spray

Fresh Wave’s Pet Spray is the most all-purpose product we create when it comes to pet odor. This product can be used on surfaces. With orange oil as its active ingredient, it is safe to use around pets and effective for completely eliminating pet odors. The Pet Spray uses our odor canceling technology on a molecular level to make sure pet odors are gone for good.

Litter Box Gel

The Litter Box Gel is the perfect solution for cat owners. Just slip a jar of the Litter Box Gel next to the litter box and let the odor elimination technology go to work. If you have multiple cats, simply place one Litter Box Gel next to each litter box in your home for effective removal of any unwanted litter box odors. Your litterbox will be undetectable to your guests with this gel in place.

Dog Shampoo

Is your best friend of the canine variety? Why not exchange that wet dog smell for a fresh dog smell? Our Fresh Wave Dog Shampoo is the perfect solution for your pooch! Using the same odor trapping technology that we use for all our products; Fresh Wave Dog Shampoo is highly effectively in refreshing your dog’s natural odors and exchanging those odors for something a little fresher.

Vacuum Beads

When you are a pet owner, your vacuum sucks up a lot more than debris. It can suck up pet hair and even pet dander. All of this can really create a bacteria filled, odor producing environment inside your vacuum cleaner over time. Fresh Wave’s Vacuum Beads are a great solution to this issue. Whether you have a cannister vacuum or a bag vacuum, these Vacuum Beads use our odor eliminating technology to rid your vacuum cleaner of odors once and for all. One of the features of the Vacuum Beads is that they leave no fragrance behind.

These beads can improve the overall quality of the air in your living space and help maintain a pleasant, odor-free environment.

Fresh Wave Products

Unlike just about any other product on the market, Fresh Wave creates a fresh and clean environment without leaving heavy perfumes or synthetic fragrances behind. In addition, the products for pets are safe. They’re made by using all natural ingredients and don’t present a danger to your furry friends like other products on the market would.

How Does Fresh Wave Work on Pet Odors?

You have a pet. That means you have odors. Well, not if Fresh Wave can help it. Remember the three working steps are: Find, Bind, Leave Nothing Behind. We can’t wait to help safely eliminate your pet odors for good! For more information or to shop our products, visit our website today or follow us on Instagram or Facebook and get updates and information on all of our products.