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Refresh and refill. Skip the trip to the store and top off your Fresh Wave sprays, gels, and packs.

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Gel Refill (63 oz.)
Refill and chill. No need to stress over stubborn odors when you got all the odor-absorbing gel you need in one convenient container. With 63 ounces of continuous-release gel, you can fight odors around the house and around the clock. Simply scoop the gel into one of our Small or... Learn More
Gel Bucket Refill
For true Fresh Wave fans. Keep your favorite odor absorbing gel on hand. This 2-gallon bucket makes it easy to refill your gel containers and eliminate everyday odors throughout the house. Our biggest refill ever, this Gel Bucket will help you save time and money, while truly removing odors.
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Fabric Spray Refill
Save that spray bottle! With an easy-pour spout, this Fabric and Linen Spray Refill makes it easy to top off any sized Fresh Wave Bottle. This 32 oz refill will top off 4 of our 8 oz bottles, so you can save some green and keep your life smelling fresh... Learn More
Pet Spray Refill
Hold onto your Spray bottles! Simply grab your refill, use the easy-pour spout, and top off your original Pet Spray bottle whenever you run out. Each 32 fl. oz. refill will completely replenish four of the original bottles. Twist the cap back on, seal the freshness in, and spray down... Learn More

Stock up on freshness with odor-removing refills.

Fresh Wave Refills are a convenient way to stock up on household odor removers, helping you save money, reduce waste, and skip a trip to the store. Easily replenish your supply of Fresh Wave gels, sprays, and packs with these economical refills. All Fresh Wave odor removers are made with natural plant oils and without harsh chemicals, so they're safe for people, pets, and the planet. Plan ahead by ordering a refill and you'll have a steady supply of freshness whenever you need it.