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The Best Scents for Every Room

Find the Best Scents for Your Home

What’s the best fragrance for a home? The answer is there isn’t just one. Personal preference should guide you when you’re shopping for air freshener and odor-fighting products, but so should the purpose of the room. What works in one room may not be the best option for another. By selecting different scents based on the space, you can set the right mood throughout your home, and this post will teach you how to do it.

The Best Scents for the Living Room

The living room is a central gathering place in your home. It’s where your family goes to relax and unwind, and it’s often the place where you sit and chat with guests. Warm, inviting scents suit the spirit of the space and can add a welcoming vibe to the room. Some of the best room scents to consider are vanilla, cinnamon and lavender. Here are a few ways that you can use them:

  • Fight pet odors by using an odor eliminating spray on the spot where your fur baby likes to snooze.
  • Place an odor-removing candle on the coffee table or mantel and light it when you enter the room.
  • Stick a pod to the underside of a coffee table or side table and add an odor-eliminating pack to continually freshen the room.
  • In a large living room or great room, place two or more odor-removing gels on bookcases, tables, entertainment centers and other surfaces to ensure that the scent travels throughout the space.
  • Leave your living room smelling great after your cleaning routine by using vacuum beads while you run the vacuum.

The Best Scents for the Kitchen

The kitchen is where you prepare meals for your family, but it can also become a gathering place. Cooking can produce many odors that linger long afterward, so look for kitchen scents that absorb bad smells rather than just camouflage them. Fresh, invigorating scents tend to work well in kitchens because they energize the room and are unlikely to add flowery notes to foods. Consider options like mint, basil or citrus and introduce them by following these tips:

  • Mount pods and use odor-eliminating packs in areas prone to unpleasant smells like the kitchen trash can and the sink where your garbage disposal is installed.
  • Wipe down the shelves of your refrigerator with odor-removing spray to fight lingering food odors.
  • Light an odor-removing candle when you start to cook and extinguish it after you eat.
  • Place a gel on your kitchen counter to fight odors and freshen the air around the clock.
  • Affix an odor-removing pod to the underside of the kitchen table, so you can enjoy a fresh scent while you dine.
  • When cooking smells linger, spritz odor-removing spray around the stove or oven.

The Best Scents for the Bedroom

Your bedroom is your refuge from the rest of the world, the place that you retire to at the end of the day. Scents for rooms where you sleep should complement the relaxing, rejuvenating mood of the spaces, so look for scents like chamomile, sandalwood and lavender. Create a peaceful environment through scent by following these tips:

  • Make scent part of your PM wind down by lighting an odor-fighting candle and letting it burn while you relax in bed.
  • Position an odor-removing gel on your dresser or nightstand for long-lasting scent.
  • Refresh your bedding with a quick spritz of odor-removing spray after your pet joins you for a nap.
  • Use packs and pods to keep footwear, clothing and accessories fresh in your closet.
  • Place an odor-removing travel spray in the guest room, so that overnight visitors can freshen the air when they wish.
  • Spray a fine mist spray near the bed 10 to 20 minutes before you turn in.

The Best Scents for the Bathroom

The bathroom is often home to some of the most challenging odors, so effective odor-removing products are key in this room. This space is the site of your grooming and personal care routine and is often where you begin and end your daily routine. Clean, fresh scents tend to work best here because they match the function of the bathroom. Some bathroom fragrances to consider include peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon. To give your bathroom a spa-like quality, follow these tips:

  • Keep a bottle of odor-removing lemon spray in a basket on the back of the toilet for use as needed.
  • Mount an odor-removing pod on the wall behind the toilet and use packs for continuous scent.
  • Light an odor-removing candle to place on a shelf or the back corner of the vanity in the powder room when you entertain.
  • Arrange two or more odor-removing candles around the tub and light them before you settle in for a relaxing soak.
  • Deliver a refreshing scent for days on end by placing an odor-removing gel on the vanity or toilet tank.
  • As a final step for your cleaning routine, wipe down the sink and counter with odor-removing spray.

Shop the Best Room Scents

By using different scents in different spaces, you can enhance the ambience of your entire home. When you choose Fresh Wave odor-eliminating products to deliver those scents, you can feel good knowing that you’re using non-toxic, plant-powered solutions that are as safe for people and pets as they are effective. Find the best room scents for everywhere in your home by shopping our selection and check out our tips section for more ways that you can make your home smell fresh and inviting.