How to Get Rid of Strong Cooking Odors

How to Get Rid of Strong Cooking Odors

How to Get Rid of Strong Cooking Odors

Experiencing cooking odors that won’t go away after a freshly cooked meal? There is a solution for you! If you’ve found yourself in a battle against post-cooking odor, you’re not alone. The joy of cooking often comes with odors that seem to linger long after the last plate is cleaned. Whether you're frying up a batch of bacon, sautéing a pungent curry, or simply cooking your daily favorite, the remnants of your dishes can hang around long after the meal. The question isn't just how to mask these smells but how you can truly defeat them. Follow this guide on using odor eliminators to transform your kitchen cleanup routine and make your home smell even better.

How Can I Keep My Kitchen Fresh?

Keeping a fresh kitchen environment helps you reduce strong scents and keeps you and your family healthier overall. Before, during, and after you cook, consider these tips to help create a pleasant-smelling cooking environment:  

  • Maintain Good Ventilation: Consider running the exhaust fan while cooking, especially when you're working with stronger spices or ingredients. This can prevent odors from spreading throughout your home. Open windows in or near your kitchen for extra ventilation.
  • Consistently Clean Your Kitchen: The cleaner your kitchen, the fewer surfaces odors are able to cling to, ensuring a cleaning and better-smelling space. Create a regular and thorough cleaning routine to keep odors at bay.
  • Use High-Quality Ingredients: Top-notch ingredients typically result in a better-tasting dish. You can ensure your dishes leave fewer unpleasant smells when using higher-quality ingredients. When possible, opt for quality ingredients for your home-cooked meals.
  • Be Proactive About Odor Control: You can take necessary steps to control odors before they become an issue. For example, dispose of food scraps promptly and store open ingredients in airtight containers. Place an odor-eliminating gel throughout your kitchen for a discreet and proactive approach.

What Types of Home Air Fresheners Should I Use?

Whether you’re experiencing a strong odor throughout your home, kitchen-only, or the smell is seeping through walls, there are various products you can use to help eliminate that strong cooking odor. You can choose from discreet options, like gel home air fresheners, or dual-purposed fresheners, like candles, that can add to the ambiance of your kitchen. Discover these  smell-eliminating products:

  • Discreet Gels: Our Odor Eliminator Gels are designed to provide continuous odor relief. Their discreet presence allows you to “set and forget” in any location, and they work around the clock to absorb strong smells. The best part? They don't require any attention or a power source. Save in bulk by purchasing our Gel Bucket Refill, or try a variety with our Gel Starter Kit.
  • Packs and Pods for Small Kitchen Spaces: If you're dealing with small spaces or areas where a gel might not be as practical, our Packs and Pods are your go-to solution. You can place these packs in a pod and adhere them to kitchen trash cans, diaper pails, or closets. They ensure non-stop freshness in the spaces you need most.
  • Delightfully Dual-Purpose Candles: Our candles are anything but ordinary. While serving the mood-enhancing function of typical candles, they also actively remove unpleasant odors from your air. This gives a fresh and natural scent to your home without the addition of harmful chemicals.
  • Quick Targeting Sprays: Need immediate relief from a cooking catastrophe? You can try our Odor Eliminator Sprays, which are perfect for target relief from stubborn cooking smells. With these, you target specific areas or fabrics to neutralize strong smells from your cooking that have overwhelmed the space. Compact and potent, these sprays are health-conscious and easy to use.

Do These Products Work in All Hard-To-Kick Smell Situations?

Everyone experiences those rough, hard-to-kick-smell situations. But how do you combat them? Different cooking odors may require different tactics for you to eliminate them successfully. Find out how you can tackle certain situations with the help of our strong odor-eliminating products:

  • Smoke: When your cooking results in too much smoke, try immediate aeration of the space. Open windows, use fans to clear the air, and follow up with our Odor Eliminator Sprays for a final touch.
  • Fried Foods and Grease: The lingering smell from fried foods and grease is typically tougher to beat than smoke. You can wipe down surfaces with vinegar after cooking and place gels in the kitchen to continuously work on reducing the grease odors as time passes. For immediate scent relief, you can use our sprays.
  • Curry-Like Odors: Spicy foods, although delicious, can have a powerful, lasting scent that you might not want lingering. To neutralize it effectively, you can simmer a pot of water with cinnamon sticks and cloves. Consider also lighting one of our candles to counteract these strong odors.
  • Fishy Smells: When you cook a fish, you know it’s notorious for leaving behind a strong, lingering odor. To combat this effectively, turn on your exhaust fan while cooking to draw odors out of the kitchen immediately. Consider also placing one of our gels near your cooking area to help absorb any odors that escape into the air. During post-cooking, it’s suggested that you wash all utensils and surfaces with a mixture of lemon juice and water, which can help you eliminate any residual smells.

Keep Fresh With Fresh Wave

Many odor removers merely cover up bad odors in your home with a stronger, more pleasant scent. However, as soon as those fragrances stop working, the original odors often return. This creates a cycle of continuously adding new scents to the mix without eliminating what's causing the unpleasant smells. Our Fresh Wave products have a different approach. Our products break the odors down to the molecular level, removing them from the air. This approach targets the source of the smells and cleanses your living space of unwanted scents, promising lasting freshness.

At Fresh Wave, our customers can enjoy a variety of odor-eliminating products. Whether you’re creating a new recipe with strong ingredients or cooking with grease, we’ve got your back. Choose from our fresh gels, candles, sprays, or packs to keep your kitchen free of strong cooking odors. Browse our selection of home air fresheners today!