A cozy guest bedroom with a white bedspread, lilac pillow, and a vase of flowers on the bedside table

How to Prepare a Fresh, Cozy Guest Room

Steps to Clean a Guest Room

  1. Replace Bed Sheets and Linens
  2. Throw Away Trash
  3. Dust Furniture and Surfaces
  4. Vacuum the Floor
  5. Disinfect, Sanitize, and Clean Furniture
  6. Finish With Fresh Wave

Whether it’s for the holiday season or in the middle of summer, expecting company is exciting — if not exhausting. From rooms bustling with guests to boots and shoes strewn about an entryway, hosting people can make for a hectic house.

To minimize the exhaustion of entertaining, we have compiled this guide for you on how to prepare a guest bedroom for maximum comfort, relaxation, and peace. That way, once your guests arrive, you will have the prep work done.

Fighting Odor Before Your Guests Arrive

Common household odors like mildew, pet smells, smells from the trash bin in the kitchen or laundry room will stick out to guests even more than they do to you. Take time to install odor-eliminating solutions throughout the house a few days before your guests’ arrival.

Deodorize dirty clothes with Fresh Wave Laundry Booster. If you’re planning on vacuuming in the days before, use Odor Removing Vacuum Beads to freshen exhaust odors as you clean. Fresh Wave has versatile odor solutions that are safe to use around the house.

Plant essential oils in Fresh Wave’s proprietary formula bind to volatile molecules in the air that cause odor. When Fresh Wave is placed at the source of a foul odor, the smell isn’t just masked, it goes away.

How to Clean a Guest Room

If you’re unable to do a comprehensive deep clean of a guest room before guest arrivals, rely on a quick tidying up.

If you are able to do a deep clean, practice these tips from housekeepers:

  1. Open windows or doors to ventilate the room while cleaning.
  2. Remove bed sheets and linens.
  3. Remove any trash and place items to their proper spots.
  4. Dust furniture and surfaces around the room. When dusting, start with areas of the room that are high so dust accumulates at lower areas.
  5. Whether you have a carpeted or wood-floored guest room, vacuum the settled dust and any dirt and grime on the floor. Make sure to use an attachment to vacuum any corners, upholstery, or difficult areas to reach. If you have wood or vinyl flooring, sweep and mop the floors after vacuuming.
  6. Disinfect, sanitize, and clean furniture including dressers, side tables, coffee tables, and mirrors.
  7. Once the room is clean, replace the bed linens, including pillows and pillowcases, with new or laundered sheets.

What to Put in a Guest Room

After cleaning a guest room, the next step is to make sure it is as comfortable as it can be for your visitors. Ask yourself: “what would I like in a guest room?”

If your guests are visiting from out of town, they might have large pieces of luggage. Make sure there is enough space cleared for the luggage to unfold. Stock your closet with hangars for guests to hang up clothing.

Adding household items that visitors have at home might be beneficial for increasing the comfortability level of your guests. Think of things like a reading lamp, water glasses, power cords, and an extra blanket.

After Cleaning Your Guest Room Follow Up With These Fresh Wave Products

Once you’ve finished cleaning your guest room, finish your cleaning with odor removal. Fresh Wave products like our Odor Removing Candle or Odor Removing Spray eliminates bad odors.

You can light an odor removing candle on a flat surface like a dresser, side table, or desk in the room. Or if you prefer to use a more discreet method to neutralize odor, try a container of Odor Removing Gel. The odor removing beads will slowly evaporate as they bind to malodor molecules, leaving you with a welcoming holiday atmosphere, not unwelcoming odor.