A hand spraying Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray in a kitchen trash can

Help, My Garbage Smells: How to Eliminate Garbage Odors

Odors from your kitchen garbage can be the worst offender in your house. Leftover plate scrapings. Expired dairy. Decomposing veggies. And that infamous bottom-of-the-bag potpourri known as “trash juice.” No thanks.

Even after taking out the trash, lingering garbage can smells can stink up the whole kitchen and even seep into other rooms. So how can you keep trash can odor from ruining meal time, attracting pesky bugs, or making guests wrinkle their noses? Follow these steps to get rid of nuisance garbage can odors for good. 

Tips to Eliminate Trash Can Odors

  1. Deep Clean Your Trash Can 
  2. Fight Trash Can Odors Continuously 
  3. Gel For Garage Trash Bins 

1. Deep Clean Your Trash Can

The first step to eliminating trash can odors is a deep clean of that rancid receptacle. Mix equal parts bleach and water to cleanse spilled liquids, stuck on food, and kill odor-causing bacteria from the inside. If you want to avoid bleach, natural household cleaners or homemade solutions (like blends of vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda) offer a less harsh alternative. 

To neutralize any lingering garbage can odors, wet a cloth with Fresh Wave Odor Removing Laundry Booster (yes, Laundry Booster), and wipe down your trash can inside and out. The natural plant oils in the laundry additive attack and neutralize stubborn odor molecules from trash cans the same as it does in linens or pet bedding. 

Fresh Tip: Don’t forget to scrub down your trash can lid. Liquids and food particles can splatter and cause lasting smells. 

 2. Fight Trash Can Odors Continuously

To keep garbage can smells from popping up again, attach a Fresh Wave Pod with Fresh Wave Odor Removing Packs (original or lavender) to the roof of your trash can or inside the drawer where you hide it. The adhesive strip on the back of the Pod keeps it in place while Packs work around the clock to eliminate escaping trash can odors. 

Fresh Tip: Replace Packs every 30 days. (Or when you start to smell garbage again.) 

3. Gel for Garage Trash Bins

If you store garbage in a bin until trash day, use a container (or two) of Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel to keep your garage from smelling like a landfill. As it evaporates powerful natural ingredients in Fresh Wave Gel continuously absorbs odor molecules and leaves the air odor-free. 

Fresh Tip: Grab a canister of Fresh Wave Gel Refill to top up your empty Gel container.