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Fresh Wave’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is the time for saying thanks to Dad and showing how much he means with presents and special get-togethers. This year as you weigh your options for Father’s Day gifts, consider giving him the gift of a cleaner, fresher-smelling home by choosing natural home odor removers.

High quality, effective natural odor removers can make great garage gifts for handy dads and be used anywhere else in the home where problem smells arise. Ones that are free of harsh chemicals like Fresh Wave Odor Eliminators will appeal to eco-conscious dads, and they can make great gifts for any dad who loves maintaining clean environments at home. Keep reading to learn more about giving natural odor removers as Father’s Day Gifts.

The Benefits of Natural Home Odor Removers

Natural home odor removers are those that use plant-based ingredients in place of synthetic chemicals. Here are some of their benefits:

  • Sustainability: Natural home odor removers don’t release chemicals that reduce air quality and can contaminate water supplies, making them a greener choice.
  • Safety: Some synthetic household air fresheners give off potentially harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and airways and pose long-term health risks.
  • Effectiveness: Instead of masking odors with chemical perfumes, natural odor removers neutralize the particles that cause bad scents to freshen even areas with poor ventilation like basements and garages.
  • Ease of use: Natural home odor removers are just as simple to use as their synthetic counterparts.
  • Versatility: There are many kinds of natural home odor removers available, so you can choose the type that will work best in any given space.

Top Natural Home Odor Remover Products for Dads

Although any of our home odor remover products can be good gifts for dads, certain options in the Fresh Wave lineup are especially ideal for Father’s Day gift-giving. Read on to discover some of our top picks.

Odor-Removing Gels

Odor-eliminating gels come in jars and buckets. When you remove the seal, the gel material slowly evaporates, releasing odor-fighting molecules into the air. These molecules seek out charged odor compounds, surround them and then neutralize them while filling the area with a pleasant scent.

Regular sized Gels are a great pick for a busy Dad because they can continuously fight odors for 15 to 30 days, where our large gels can fight odors for 30-60 days. Then, Dad can replenish the gel with one of our refills to continue to freshen his space while reducing waste.

Odor-removing gels are popular picks for garages, especially in our large bucket sizes that are highly effective at fighting odors in big spaces. They’re also ideal for the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

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Odor-Removing Pods and Packs

Odor-removing packs are small beads that release odor-fighting molecules for 30 days. They work the same way as gels but are designed to fit inside specially designed pods. With the included adhesive backing, Dad can stick the pods wherever he wishes and then swap out packs once per month.

Our handy pods make Fresh Wave Packs a great solution for targeting trouble areas. Dad can stick one over his workbench in the garage or put one inside of the lid of the kitchen trash can to neutralize odors. They’re also ideal for placing around exercise equipment and in tight, confined spaces like closets.

Our Packs deliver all the benefits of our original packs but are designed to go right inside Dad’s sneakers, loafers, Oxfords and other shoes to neutralize odors.

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Odor-Removing Sprays

Fresh Wave Odor-Removing Sprays are similar to conventional air freshener sprays but without the toxic chemicals. Dad can use them to spray the air to quickly deal with odors in the bathroom, cooking smells in the kitchen or fumes left over in the garage.

Because of their plant-powered ingredients, our sprays are also safe for fabrics. Dad can use one to refresh his clothing before he heads out in the evening or use them to refresh fabrics that can’t be washed or difficult to launder like rugs, upholstered furniture, throw pillows and drapes.

Our lineup of sprays also includes products for animal-loving Dads faced with pet odors and travel-sized sprays for men who are frequently on the go.

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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Bundle

If you’re unsure which product to choose, consider giving Dad a set of natural odor removers. Fresh Wave offers bundles that can allow Dad to try out gels, packs and sprays in a single scent like Lemon, Lavender or our Original blend of lime, pine, clove, cedarwood and anise.

For shoppers that prefer one specific product like sprays or gels, there are also multi-scent kits available. This way, Dad can use different scents in different areas of the home. Lemon is a great choice for combating kitchen odors, while Lavender can bring a calming vibe to the bedroom. Original is a wonderful well-rounded scent that can work everywhere from the garage to the bathroom.

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Find Great Gifts for Dad at Fresh Wave

For Dads who prioritize cleanliness and strive to keep their homes smelling fresh, natural odor eliminators make great Father’s Day Gifts. With Fresh Wave products, you can be certain that you’re giving Dad products that are safe, as our gels, packs and sprays are 100% nontoxic and feature plant-powered ingredients. Our Fresh Air Technology ensures that our products are as effective at neutralizing odors as they are eco-friendly, so Dad can count on them to work in the garage, the kitchen, the bathroom and beyond. Explore our full-line up of products to discover great gifts for Dad.