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Summer Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Summer brings warm weather and humidity, and these weather conditions can make household odors more noticeable. The good news is that completing some home maintenance tasks can help make every room smell better, so you can enjoy your home to the fullest. To help you take action against bad smells, we put together this summer and spring home maintenance checklist filled with odor control tips. 

Identify Common Summer Odors

Before we get into our home maintenance spring and summer tips, it’s important to discuss what odors you’re most likely to struggle with during the season and to explain a bit about why smells are often more intense during the hottest months of the year. 

During the summer, you’re more likely to notice: 

  • Pet odors 
  • Perspiration or body odor 
  • Mold and mildew odors 
  • Cooking odors 
  • Bathroom odors 

Smells from mulch, compost, and chemicals used to treat lawns can also find their way indoors.

The root cause of odors are gaseous compounds that are present in the air. When you breathe them in, receptors in your nose and the roof of your mouth detect the molecules, and your brain interprets the signals as unpleasant smells. 

Summer is prime time for odors for two reasons: heat and humidity. When temperatures are hotter, it becomes easier for solids and liquids to give off odor-causing gases. Humid air is also denser and allows for the compounds to accumulate more, making smells more noticeable and longer lasting. 

Take the time to identify the most problematic odors in your home. Knowing where the problem areas are and what smells you need to combat can help you use this summer and spring home checklist more efficiently. 

Cleaning and Ventilation Tips for the Summer

Now that you have a better understanding of summer odors, it’s time to get into our free home maintenance checklist. Complete the following summer and spring household maintenance tasks to improve the smell of your home throughout the warm months. 

Engage in regular floor care: At least once or twice per week, vacuum the floors throughout your home and mop hard flooring surfaces. 

Dust often: Wipe down surfaces with a wet cloth to remove dust and odor-causing particles. If you want to use cleaning products, choose ones that contain natural ingredients that are free of VOCs to avoid adding additional odors to your home. 

Check your air filters: Double-check when you last replaced the filters in your heating and cooling system. Perform replacements if necessary. 

Open windows: When possible, open windows in the morning to let in fresh air. Pollen levels tend to be lowest then, and the temperature outside is likely to be cooler. 

Schedule heating and cooling maintenance: Have professionals come to inspect your heating and cooling system and your vents at the start of the season. If necessary, have your vents cleaned. 

Run fans: Use ceiling fans, box fans, tower fans and oscillating fans to improve air flow throughout your home. Be sure to use the fan in your range hood and the exhaust fan in your bathroom. 

Invest in an air purifier: Air purifiers can help eliminate fine particulates that contribute to odors. Place ones in rooms that are prone to unpleasant odors. 

Launder linens: Clean your bedding weekly and clean curtains at least once per month. 

Bathe your pets: Ask your veterinarian about how often you should bathe your pet and follow their advice, being sure to use a gentle pet shampoo. 

Keeping odors at bay in your home requires ongoing effort. Repeat the activities on this checklist throughout the season to help your home smell fresh. 

Introduce Natural Odor Removal Products

Using natural odor removal products can complement the items on this home summer and spring maintenance checklist. Natural products like those made by Fresh Wave can neutralize unpleasant odors without exposing your family to harsh synthetic fragrances and chemicals. 

Fresh Wave products work because of Fresh Air Technology. Our blend of plant ingredients is naturally attracted to odor-causing molecules that are present in the air. When they find them, they bind to the molecules and then engulf them. Once the natural compounds completely surround the odor-causing molecules, a chemical reaction takes place that neutralizes them. As a result, Fresh Wave odor-eliminators actually address the root cause of bad smells rather than simply covering up odors with chemical perfumes the way that many other air fresheners do. 

At Fresh Wave, we offer a variety of odor-eliminating products. Let’s take a look at three of our most popular options: sprays, candles and gels. 

Odor-Eliminating Sprays

Fresh Wave Odor-Eliminating Sprays release a concentrated burst of plant-powered ingredients to deal with odors. You can use them to quickly refresh the kitchen, bathroom or other areas of your home by spraying them into the air. They’re also great for refreshing carpeting, fabrics and furniture. 

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Odor-Eliminating Candles

When lit, Fresh Wave Odor-Eliminating Candles release plant-derived ingredients into the air and continue to do so for as long as the candle burns. At the same time, they help enhance the ambiance of your home with their soft glow. Light a candle in the kitchen when you start to cook. Place one on a high shelf in the bathroom when you’re entertaining, and use them in the living room and bedroom to create a sense of calm while freshening the air. 

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Odor-Eliminating Gels

For areas of your home plagued by ongoing odors, Fresh Wave Odor-Eliminating Gels are a great solution. The gels evaporate slowly over 15 to 60 days, depending on their size to continuously freshen the air. Try them in small spaces like closets and bathrooms. You can also put them in the nursery without worry because they’re nontoxic and safe for kids. 

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Keep Your Home Smelling Great All Summer Long

By following our home maintenance checklist, you can address common odors that arise during the summer months. When odors do develop, trust natural odor-removing products from Fresh Wave to neutralize them without adding harmful chemicals to the air. Shop the Fresh Wave collection now and get ready for the season.