A person spraying Frsh Wave Spray on a rack of clothes

4 Simple Tips for Fresh Smelling Closets

How to Keep Your Closet and Clothes Smelling Fresh

Because they are tight spaces with limited airflow, closets often become collection zones for concentrated odors. From stinky shoes to mildewy linens to hidden sweaty socks, the last thing you want is a smelly surprise when you open your closet door. Follow these four easy steps to eliminate and prevent odors and make your closet smell good. 

Potential Closet Smells

  • Dirty clothes hamper 
  • Sweaty fitness gear 
  • Funky shoes 
  • Mildewy linens 
  • Mothballs 
  • Hidden pet stains 

Step 1: Wash Your Clothes, Linens, Shoes or Other Fabrics

To get rid of stubborn, stuffy fabric odors, give them a deep clean. Clear out every shelf and hanger, fill up your washing machine, and supplement your usual detergent with Fresh Wave odor eliminating Laundry Booster. A few capfuls of this super-charged laundry additive removes set-in odors from mildew, sweat, mothballs, smoke, dirt and grime, and other sources. 

Don’t forget your shoes. You can clean by hand or toss them in the washing machine. After cleaning, Laundry Booster can be used to wipe down shoes and eliminate any lingering smells. 

Step 2: Clean the Inside of Your Closet

While your fabrics and shoes are being washed, pull out everything else and give your closet a thorough scrub down. Use a strong natural cleaner like vinegar (diluted with water) to cleanse surfaces, like shelves and walls. For extra odor-eliminating punch, wet a cloth with Laundry Booster and wipe down surfaces. 

Vacuum or sweep out the bottom of your closet. If you have pets, check carpets for urine spots and clean with a dedicated shampoo. In utility closets, clean up spills from chemicals or cleaners. 

Step 3: Reorganize to Minimize Odors and Maximize Airflow

Cluttered, stuffed closets can trap humid, musty air and cause odors to return, even after a deep clean. Prevent future odors by restructuring your items so that air can move more freely and take other steps to limit odor sources. 

  • Use cedar instead of potent mothballs to deter pests. 
  • Give your clothes breathing room, instead of piling them up. 
  • Space your shoes on racks. 
  • Make sure clean laundry is properly dried before hanging or shelving. 
  • Consider a different place for your hamper or dirty clothes. 
  • Ensure door hardware and latches work to keep out pets. 
  • Donate or throw away unneeded items. 
  • Place a dehumidifier or moisture absorber to limit mold or mildew from forming. 

Step 4: Continuous Odor Elimination

To keep your closet smelling fresh between cleanings, discreetly placed Fresh Wave Gel or Packs will work to remove odors. Find a space on a shelf for a jar of Odor Removing Gel. Or use the Fresh Wave Pod to house a Pack — stick behind a door, against an inner wall, or below a shelf. Both are available with added lavender oil, to leave behind a lasting, calming essence to your closet. 

Insert Fresh Wave Packs into your shoes, especially ones that aren’t worn regularly. The powerful beads in each Pack eliminate odors non-stop so that they’re stink-free when you need them. After wearing your shoes, replace the Packs when you put them back in your closet, and swap out used Packs every 30 days for best results. 

If you’re storing vacuums in a closet, add Fresh Wave Vacuum Beads to keep fresh between uses. 

Continuous odor eliminating products will make your closet smell good long after you’ve finished steps 1-3, so you can save time in the future and ensure your clothes and home always smell fresh.