Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Odors-How Fresh Wave Works

Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Odors-How Fresh Wave Works

Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Odors-How Fresh Wave Works

When we created Fresh Wave, over thirty years ago, our mission was to tackle really big odors. We are talking about the biggest odors: landfills, waste management facilities, power plants, etc. For these types of jobs, we needed a scientific breakthrough. We needed real technology to make it work. Instead of masking odors with heavy fragrances, we decided to create a product that eliminates odors once and for all. It was a success. Now we’ve decided to bring these products and this technology into your home.

Is Fresh Wave an Air Freshener?

Fresh Wave is not an air freshener. It is an odor eliminator. Fresh Wave uses revolutionary technology to simply eliminate odor by trapping the odor molecules. Whether you’re using the Laundry Booster, the Pet Spray, the Gels, the Fabric Spray, the Packs, or the Litter Box Gel, you aren’t just covering odors. You’re eliminating them.

Truly Eliminating Odors from the Source

Instead of covering the odor, we use a three-step process to really destroy the odor causing elements. The three steps are.

  1. Find-The natural plant-based oils in Fresh Wave seek out bad odors.
  2. Bind-Natural properties of these natural oils bind to the odor and surround the odor molecules.
  3. Nothing Left Behind-A chemical reaction destroys the odor, leaving behind nothing but freshness.

Formula and Ingredients

Is Fresh Wave safe? Do you have a family? Pets? Most of us are concerned about what we are putting into our environment these days, as we should be. There are far too many products out there that simply cover up odor with harsh chemicals that can be damaging to our environment and even damaging to our bodies. This is not the case with Fresh Wave. We have created a safer product that is all natural. We use simple ingredients. These include all natural oils, reverse osmosis water, and a blend of plant extracts that seek out and eliminate odor. Our products do not contain parabens, alcohols, phthalates, aerosols, or any other kinds of toxins. For an extensive and conclusive list of all our products and all the ingredients used to make them, please click here.

Natural Scent

Don’t worry. There are no harsh scents that will be entering your home in an attempt to cover the odor. We all know this doesn’t work for long. When you use a scent to cover an odor, the odor usually returns shortly. With Fresh Wave, we eliminate odors and use natural scents. After the odors are eliminated from your home, what’s left behind is a light, natural scent that gradually fades away. When you smell fresh air, you know it’s working!

Our Products are Versatile

We specifically focus on the elimination of food odors, pet odors, garbage, smoke, and any other stinky situations that come with life. No matter your need, we have you covered. Trying to remove the smell of mildew out of cabinets? No problem. Our products can handle that. Tired of smelling onions after cooking a big meal? Fresh Wave is also designed to eliminate those kinds of odors.

People First

Why did we decide to create these products? Because we believe in putting people first. We created these products with you in mind. We want our customers to feel comfortable and in control of their environment. We know that people are constantly on the move and don’t have time to think about removal of odors from a couch or odor removal from the air in their kitchen after cooking a big meal.

Peace of Mind

Another reason we created these products is because we want our customers to have peace of mind, knowing that these products are safer, effective, and not an overwhelming scent. Having a pet means that sometimes cleaning up dog pee and trying to get the smell of dog pee out of carpet. With our products you can do just that, while keeping Fido safe from harsh ingredients. What better way to have a manageable pet situation than to cover both of these areas. We even carry a Dog Shampoo that uses our revolutionary technology to rid your furry friends of their stinky smells and keep them smelling fresh.

Rooted in Natural Science

The fact that all our products come straight from nature means that our customers don’t have to worry about filling their environment with what could be harmful to them, their families, or their pets. For example, even after cleaning with bleach, our homes can carry a harsh smell and dangerous toxic chemicals.


Overall, Fresh Wave is a company you can trust. We are committed to the safety of your home, while keeping it smelling fresh and clean. Made right here in the U.S.A., all our products are manufactured in Rising Sun, Indiana. With Fresh Wave, you have all the products you need to enjoy fresh air everywhere.

About Fresh Wave

What started as a way to reduce industrial odors is now a convenient odor control system to use in your own home. That vision grew into a solution for our odors inside the house as well. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and get updates and information on all of our products, from home odor eliminating sprays to pet odor eliminators, we have your odors handled. We don’t mask odors. We get rid of them completely. For more information or to shop our products, visit us on our website today.