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Masking Odors vs Eliminating Them

Masking Odors vs Eliminating Them

From the Odor Elimination Experts at Fresh Wave

Unpleasant odors can be a problem in any home. From pet smells and carpet spills to musty smells in the garage and laundry that’s been left too long, they’re all difficult to be around, and everyone has a suggestion for how to deal with them. Some of these solutions are home remedies passed down through families for generations. However, far more are from people promoting the thousands of odor-control products now on the market. While some of these products may work as intended, many are just temporary fixes, and some also contain chemicals that damage the environment and sometimes the objects they are applied to.

To truly address odor problems, the odor and its chemical source need to be eliminated. So what is the difference between masking odors and eliminating them? In this article, we aim to answer these questions, as well as discuss where odors come from and why we smell them. Read on to learn more.

What Creates Odors?

Smells are generated by all sorts of materials, from foods and plants to cars and oceans. But they all create the odor in the same way; Substances release molecules from their surface which are then carried away in the air. In some cases, oxygen then bonds to the emitted molecules and causes them to become lighter, carrying them away. In other cases, oxygen bonds to the surface of a solid first, and the new molecules are then carried away. In all cases, these odor molecules are very light and are easily carried away by air or water. Variations in molecular weight account for how quickly a smell disperses.

How Does the Nose Smell Things?

High up inside your nose are patches of sensory cells called olfactory sensory neurons that are connected directly to your brain. Each one of these neurons has one receptor that odor molecules can bind to after you have inhaled them through your nose. However, there are far more odor molecules in nature than you have receptor types in your nose, so your brain interprets smells by which combinations of receptors have been triggered. This allows you to tell the difference between, for example, the smells of chocolate and coffee.

What is Scent Masking?

Scent masking is the most common way that people deal with bad smells. But, unfortunately, masking smells doesn’t eliminate them, and they often come back to haunt you later. Products that mask odors provide a powerful scent that — for a while at least — overpowers a foul odor. This works as the scent molecules absorb the odor molecules. However, they can’t hold onto them and eventually release them again, resulting in you being able to smell both the pleasant scent and the nasty odor at the same time.

How Does Odor Elimination Work?

Chemically, odor elimination is a more complex process than simple odor masking. Products that eliminate odors emit substances that are resistant to water known as hydrophobic molecules. These bond with the smell molecules and form a strong barrier that captures the smell, preventing the molecules from binding to the receptors in your nose. Unfortunately, many manufacturers use volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are toxic, such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, m,p-xylene and phthalates. These can have effects on human health, including:

  • Irritation to eyes, nose and throat
  • Red and dry skin
  • Birth defects
  • Cancers

The artificial fragrances used can also cause allergies. But fortunately, you do have an alternative. At Fresh Wave, we use only natural ingredients that are derived from plants including:

  • Lime
  • Pine
  • Clove
  • Cedarwood
  • Anise

The blend of natural oils attracts odor molecules and binds them before eliminating them in a natural chemical reaction. So, as well as enjoying a home free of nasty odors, you can rest easy in the knowledge you’re not using anything that will harm you, your pets or the environment.

What Products are Best for Eliminating Odors?

When choosing a product to use for eliminating nasty odors, you need to consider where and how you want to use it. Larger areas where there’s a persistent odor problem require a different approach from getting rid of a short-term problem in a small area. Here are a couple of examples of how Fresh Wave products can help.

Odor Eliminating Gels

If you have a room that often needs a bit of odor elimination, such as a musty garage or basement or somewhere you have a litter box for your pets, you need a product that will last, provide effective odor elimination and doesn’t need you to constantly monitor it. In these cases, Fresh Wave’s odor-eliminating gelsempty are the perfect solution. They contain natural active ingredients that effectively absorb household odors — and they are extremely easy and simple to use.

To use, you just open the lid and remove the seal. Then replace the slotted lid and place the container where the odors are strongest. They last anywhere from 30 to 60 days, and it’s easy to tell when to replace them; the gel disappears as it evaporates. In addition, these odor-eliminating gels are available in a variety of scents including original, lemon and lavender.

Odor Eliminating Sprays

Sometimes an unexpected odor crops up that you want to deal with quickly. Perhaps the pet bedding is producing a nasty smell or maybe your teenager’s sports shoes are raising a stink. In these cases, a quick spray with one of Fresh Wave’s odor-eliminating sprays can do the trick. The all-natural chemicals are similar to those in the gels but in a spray form that you can apply directly to the source of the foul odor. The odor-eliminating molecules absorb the particles making the smell and safely absorb them before harmlessly dissipating. These are available in original, citrus, orange and lavender.