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How to Choose Your Best Air Freshener

Your Guide to Finding the Right Air Freshener

Unpleasant odors can linger in virtually any part of your home, and there are many room deodorizer products that you can use to fight them. In fact, there are so many types of room air freshener products that you may be uncertain about which is the best one. That’s why we put together this guide on how to choose the best room deodorizer. 

What Types of Air Fresheners are Available? 

Before you get into choosing which room deodorizer is right for you, it’s a good idea to know what options are available. Here are the most common types of air fresheners: 

  1. Sprays 
  2. Gels 
  3. Candles 
  4. Packs and pods 
  5. Plug-ins 


Room deodorizer sprays come in spritz or aerosol spray bottles. They can be sprayed directly into the air to refresh the scent of a room. Some products can also be sprayed directly onto fabrics, upholstery and hard surfaces to eliminate odors. Ones that come in non-aerosol bottles may be refillable. 


Room deodorizer gels come in a jar or a canister. Once open, they continuously absorb odor-causing molecules while releasing a pleasant fragrance into the air. Because of this, you’ll see the gel evaporate in the canister as time unfolds. Some gels are refillable, allowing you to buy replacement gel in bulk.  


Odor-eliminating candles are made from wax that is poured into a jar and allowed to solidify. When unpleasant odors arise, you light the wick and allow the candle to burn. This releases molecules into the air that freshen the room by adding scent and absorbing odor-causing compounds. 

Packs and Pod

Pods are plastic holders with adhesive strips that you stick in various locations. They hold pods, which are mesh bags filled with tiny beads. Like odor-eliminating gel products, the beads absorb odors and release a pleasant scent continuously for a set period. 


Plug-in air freshener products consist of a polymer placed inside a container that fits in a standard electric outlet. When you plug it in, the air freshener draws a small amount of current, heating the polymer and causing it to release molecules that deodorize the room. 

Some people ask, “Are plug-in air fresheners safe?” The answer is that ones made by reputable brands are unlikely to overheat and cause fires. However, you should follow the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer for best results. 

How to Choose an Air Freshener Step-by-Step

To select the best room deodorizer for your needs, ask yourself the following questions: 

What Room Do I Need to Deodorize? 

When deciding how to deodorize a room, start by thinking about the kinds of odors that you encounter and how you use the space. If odors in the room are persistent, the best bathroom air freshener may be a gel that you can place behind the toilet or on a shelf to continuously fight unpleasant smells. Want something that can quickly fight odors after visits to the bathroom? In this case, the best air freshener for bathrooms is likely a spray that can be utilized on demand. 

For bedrooms, candles are often a good option because they can set a relaxing mood while also refreshing the room. If you have certain areas prone to odors, such as a laundry hamper or a shoe rack, pods and packs may be a good choice. 

Many types of room deodorizer products work well in kitchens. Neutralize pesky kitchen smells with a pod in your garbage can or keep cooking odors at bay on an ongoing basis by using odor-eliminating gels. When selecting an air freshener for the kitchen, look for products with scents like lemon or orange to match the natural smell of your kitchen. 

If you’re looking for a solution that you can use when odors arise anywhere, a room deodorizer spray can be a good choice. These air fresheners work quickly and are easy to move from room to room. 

What Intensity of Scent Do You Want? 

The intensity of the scents of odor-fighting products differs by type. Candles and sprays tend to have a more pronounced fragrance than longer-acting gels and packs. Those with a strong sense of smell may prefer subtle scents in rooms where they spend long periods like the bedroom. If you’re looking for a room deodorizer for a space where you entertain, subtler scents may also be better since tolerance of scent varies from person to person. 

How Much Air Flows Through the Room? 

The amount of ventilation in a room plays a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of an air freshener product. In rooms with low ventilation, the air freshener will have less air to disperse its scent into, which means that the scent may become highly noticeable. On the other hand, rooms with high ventilation will allow the air freshener to quickly disperse its scent, which means that the scent will not be as prominent. Therefore, when choosing an air freshener product, it is important to consider the amount of ventilation in the room to ensure that the product will be effective. Depending on who is using the room, if you want the scent to stand out, you’ll want to choose your air freshener wisely. 

What's in the Room and Who Uses It? 

Another consideration when selecting room deodorizer products is what surfaces exist for placing your air freshener and what goes on in the room. In high-traffic areas or spots where children and pets play unattended, candles may not be a safe choice. Depending on how rooms are decorated, you may need to use pods and packs that you can stick to walls, under table tops or inside garbage cans. 

What Air Freshener is Right for Me? 

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen or bathroom odor eliminator or an air freshener for another space in your home, Fresh Wave has options for you. Our odor-eliminating sprays, gels, candles, pods and packs use plant-based ingredients and are free of toxins and harsh chemicals. As a result, they’re a friendlier choice for pet owners and those with sensitivities. Plus, our room deodorizer products don’t just cover up unpleasant scents, they’re capable of neutralizing the compounds that cause rooms to smell in the first place. Shop our full selection of air freshener products and discover the Fresh Wave difference for yourself.