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How to Get Rid of Mold Smell Anywhere in the House

Let’s be honest. Mold is not pleasant. Period. In fact, it is one of the three most common sources of bad smells in a house. It doesn’t always have a strong odor, but when it is detectable, mold can smell musty, meaty, or like wet socks.

What’s worse: your body can react to mold before you ever get a whiff of its unpleasant smell. If you experience skin rash, watery eyes, chest tightness, sneezing, and a runny nose, mold could be the culprit and it might be time to invest in a mold odor eliminator method.

Are you ready to figure out how to get rid of damp smells in your home, once and for all? Check out our four recommendations for the best way to get rid of mold smell below.

The 4 Best Ways to Get Rid of Mold Smells

  1. Get Ahead of Mold Build-Up
  2. Light Candles
  3. Spray Away
  4. Release Odor Eliminating Gel

1. Get Ahead of Mold Build-up

The first step to eliminating mold odors is to prevent mold from building up in the first place. Mold thrives in moisture, so start at the dampest scenes of the crime: basement, kitchen, and bathroom. Some quick tips to prevent mold growth are:

  • Check and repair pipe leaks
  • Control humidity with dehumidifier
  • Dry washable items (clothes, kitchenware, etc.) before storing – forgetting this can cause major closet odor issues
  • Open windows and doors more often to ventilate with fresh air

If you are trying to figure out how to get rid of mold smells that are emanating specifically from your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, check out these freshness tips, too.

2. Light Candles

If you’ve taken all of the precautionary measures to prevent mold growth but still sense that lingering smell, try lighting a candle or installing a candle warmer with wax melts. This mold odor eliminator method is a great way to subtly get rid of damp smells anywhere in your home while creating a little ambiance.

Spring for clean-burning beeswax or soy candles without a scent so you avoid introducing any chemicals from synthetic fragrances into a room you suspect has mold. Fresh Wave’s soy-based Candles are natural and free of phthalates, sulphates, and parabens. This natural solution to eliminating odors is free of perfume and uses plant oils to absorb even the most stubborn odors in your home.

3. Spray Away

Can you pinpoint exactly where the mold smell is coming from? All you have to do is shake, aim, and spray with a natural mold odor eliminator. Don’t just settle for any generic air freshener. Most air fresheners will only mask the smell of the odor, but it will not eliminate it.

Try Fresh Wave Lavender Odor Removing Spray, infused with lavender oil and built to enhance Fresh Wave’s trusted odor eliminating Sprays. The best part is that you can spray Fresh Wave’s natural products directly onto any surface in your home without the fear of spreading harsh chemicals around.

4. Release Odor Eliminating Gel

Sometimes the best way to get rid of mold smell is also the easiest. If the smell of mold has taken over an entire room and it’s just too hard to get rid of with candles or spray, it’s time to open Fresh Wave’s Odor Removing Gel. All you have to do is open the lid and remove the seal, and the gel beads in the container will work to absorb and destroy malodors directly from the surrounding air. The set-it-and-forget-it nature of Fresh Wave’s Gel makes it the perfect low-maintenance, 24/7 mold odor eliminator.

You should now be able to tackle the smell of mold from anywhere in your house. Which room will you make fresh first? Browse and shop all Fresh Wave odor eliminating products to get started.