Fresh Wave Odor Removing Pet Spray next to a lime green plastic litter box

How to Get Rid of Litter Box Odors

We all strive to create a clean, odor-free environment in our homes, but that task can be difficult with things like kids, cooking disasters, unexpected guests, multiple pets, and everything in between. For households with cats, the fight to get rid of litter box odor is a particularly hard battle to win.

Litter box odors can be uniquely unpleasant and something that all homeowners wish to keep from their loved ones, neighbors, and guests. You can relegate a little box to the laundry room or even stash it away in the basement, but somehow, like odors from an overpacked garbage bin, the smell of a litter box between cleans always manages to spread around the house.

Many kitty litter companies are aware of the need to make litter boxes smell better and have created options with odor-eliminating ingredients and clumping formulas, but even the most robust kitty litter solution begins to smell over time. Find out how to stop litter box smell with these easy fixes for something that is oh-so common.

Three Steps to Remove Cat Litter Odors

  1. Use litter with silica gel
  2. Clean litter box regularly
  3. Use Fresh Wave between cleanings

Look for Litter with Silica Gel

Believe it or not, the kitty litter industry has seen a lot of innovation in its day. From humble beginnings of clay and sand to litter boxes with self-washing technology, cat owners have options when it comes to cat care.

For pet parents that are particularly concerned about odor, kitty litter with silica gel is the best standalone option. Unlike clay and traditional clumping formulas, synthetic gel litter consists of large, porous beads of silicon dioxide that lock in moisture and trap odor molecules to stop litter box smell. 

As everyone knows though, cats are finicky creatures, so it’s important for cat owners to consider any potential added fragrances and scents that could deter your furry friend from using the litter box all together … that’s another post entirely!

Clean the Litter Box Regularly

While litter made from silicon dioxide is a great way to make a litter box smell better, it’s important to get on a regular cleaning regimen with your kitty’s litter box. Just as every room in our home has a recommended cleaning schedule, every type of kitty litter requires a different level of attention.

Cat owners who use clumping litter should scoop out the litter box once a day. And for those who use silica gel litter, the synthetic beads need to be stirred on a daily basis to redistribute the mixture and optimize its odor eliminating capabilities.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of litter box odor is to simply be vigilant and incorporate it into your daily routine. By scooping out used litter on a daily basis, you prevent the spread of bad smells, and allow fresh, clean odors to come through.

For periodic deep cleans, Fresh Wave Laundry Booster can be used to destroy lingering urine and feces odors. Pour into an empty litter box, wipe inside and out, and allow to dry before re-adding litter.

Fight Odors Between Cleaning with Fresh Wave

Cleaning a litter box every day might be considered best practice, but it isn’t necessarily practical. In the likely event that you miss a day or two or even three, cat owners can employ different means to stop litter box smell from spreading throughout their homes.

Fresh Wave Pet Odor Removing Sprays naturally fight odor molecules in everything from smoke to sweat. To effectively reduce odors throughout your house, spray down surfaces regularly and wipe dry. To make a litter box smell better, pet owners can even wipe down the outside of a cat’s litter box to fight odor at the source. Fresh Wave is safe to use around animals and the natural, clean aroma won’t deter your cats from going in the right place. 

Homeowners can also add Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel containers to any room for a set and forget odor eliminating solution. Simply place an odor absorbing Gel container in the vicinity (but out of reach) of your cat’s litter box and allow natural ingredients like lime oil and cedarwood to get rid of litter box odor naturally and effectively. This may be the best solution for cats that are particularly sensitive to smells as the odor eliminating gel omits little scent while making a big impact.

The pros at Fresh Wave are here to help you win every odor battle in your home. With the use of the right type of litter and odor-fighting products made from all natural ingredients, you’ll have all the tools you need to get rid of litter box odor and keep the rest of your house smelling fresh.