A bag of Fresh Wave Lavender Packs next to a hockey bag

How to Get Rid of Hockey Bag Odors

Hockey gear will inevitably absorb sweat following a long on-ice session. After numerous games and practices with your smelly gear stuffed into the same hockey bag, the odor only gets worse. 

To keep gear smelling fresh (and avoid stinking up your locker room), it’s best to wash your gear and deodorize your hockey bag regularly. But stubborn stenches like hockey bag odors require a bit more punch offered by standard detergents. Check out our tips below and find out how to get rid of hockey bag smells and deodorize hockey equipment with the help of Fresh Wave products.

Send Your Gear to the Wash

Before you hop in the shower after a practice or game, make it a priority to toss any machine-washable gear in your home laundry right away.

Any gear except your helmet and skates can be thrown in the washing machine. This includes your:

  • socks
  • jersey
  • neck guard
  • elbow pads
  • shin pads
  • shoulder pads
  • and gloves

If the instructions on the tag permit, select a warm or — even better — hot water cycle. They will do significantly more for odor removal than a cool cycle, because high temperatures kill odor-causing bacteria in a way that colder water can’t.

Of course, there’s only so much your standard laundry detergent can contribute to your odor eliminating endeavors, no matter what the temperature of the cycle. Tackle any stubborn, set-in smells with Fresh Wave’s Laundry Booster. Add 2 to 4 capfuls during the wash or rinse cycle to remove odor from hockey bag smells, no matter how smelly.

Deodorize Inside and Out with Fresh Wave Spray

Sure, a hot water cycle with Laundry Booster is a straightforward solution to smelly gear. But no matter how much you wash your gear, your hockey bag itself will likely continue to build up odors (and that can’t be thrown in the washing machine) 

Luckily, you can skip a time consuming scrub-down and get rid of hockey bag smells in a pinch with a mist of Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Spray on the outside and inside of your bag. This will be necessary even when you’re washing your gear, but is extra helpful for the ride home after the game to keep your car smelling fresh, too!

Not only is the Spray the perfect hockey bag deodorizer, but its natural ingredients make it a safe alternative to harsh, chemical-based odor elimination products.

Use Packs and Gel to Prevent Future Odors

For continuous odor fighting, use a Fresh Wave Odor Removing Pack as a hockey bag odor eliminator. Tuck it into your bag and replace once a month. In addition to removing the hockey bag smell with Fresh Wave Spray, adding the Pack will ensure effortless, 24/7 odor control. 

And don’t forget: odor elimination continues even after your season ends. For off-season storage, opt for a longer-lasting, powerful solution. Place a jar of Odor Eliminating Gel in the closet or storage area where your hockey bag is kept to keep odors and smells from building up. Repeat this every 30-60 days. You don’t want any foul stench to follow you to your first skate of a new season.