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Surprising Ways You Can Clean with Olive Oil

Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning with Olive Oil

Sometimes the most effective and affordable solution for your biggest house cleaning concerns lies inside your kitchen cupboard. Olive oil is a popular and accessible natural remedy that has a variety of applications. While cooking with this oil is its number one use due to the health benefits and great flavor it provides, olive oil has many more surprising uses. It’s an excellent cleaning agent that improves the appearance and function of a variety of products. Find out more about the ways you can use olive oil in your home. 

6 Common Ways to Use Olive Oil as a Cleaning Product

Olive oil is a great tool to clean away grease, eliminate stains, and nourish a number of household surfaces. There’s no need to splurge on the artisanal stuff either, regular olive oil does the job well and delivers excellent results. Check out these awesome ways to use olive oil to clean. 

1. Protecting Wooden Utensils and Cutting Boards

Olive oil is a wonderful product to protect your wooden utensils and cutting boards. Apply the oil to clean and dry wood. Allow it to soak in and then remove any excess. Doing so on a regular basis can prevent drying that leads to cracking or warping. The olive oil soaks into the wood and acts as a moisturizing and conditioning agent. It’s best to oil regularly to prevent damage. Depending on how often your wooden utensils get used, you may aim for anywhere from once a week to several times a year. 

2. Shine Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel appliances are easily marred by tiny scratches and fingerprints. A lot of usual cleaning products are harmful and unnecessarily expensive. With all its other applications, you may wonder, is olive oil good for cleaning stainless steel? The answer is yes! Remove any dirt with dish soap and water, and then use a soft cloth to rub a small amount of olive into the stainless steel surface. Make sure to follow the grain. Then, use a dry cloth to buff until shiny. 

Wiping down your stainless steel appliances is a big part of cleaning your kitchen, but lingering odors make the space feel less than clean no matter how much effort you put in. Use the odor-removing sprays from Fresh Wave to quickly and easily put a stop to distracting smells and keep your kitchen fresh. 

3. Help Preserve Cast Iron

Cast iron is great to cook with, but it requires some special care. Before using, cooks add oil and then heat the cast iron, creating a protective layer called seasoning that is virtually nonstick. Once seasoned, never use soap or other cleaners. 

Cleaning cast iron skillet with olive oil is a preferred method that also helps preserve it. Olive oil aids in the seasoning process to prevent stains, rust, and allow for easier cleaning. Just add some oil to the skillet and wipe it out with a cloth. Heat the pan to allow the oil to soak into the surface more easily. If necessary, clean away stubborn stuck-on food first by pouring salt into the pan and rubbing with a cloth before rinsing in water. 

4. Clean Plant Leaves with Olive Oil

Indoor plants can start to look dull and dingy if you allow dust to build up on the surface of the leaves. Most cleaners contain harmful chemicals that are unsafe for use on plants. A natural alternative like olive oil is best. Cleaning plant leaves with olive oil clears away dust and dirt, and leaves them with an extra shine. Apply a few drops of oil to a damp cloth and gently wipe the leaves clean. 

5. Remove Water Rings and Scratches

Olive oil is a fantastic solution to treat wooden surfaces that have scratches and water rings. First, clean away any dust. Next, use a soft, clean cloth to apply olive oil to the surface and then buff with a second, dry cloth. This process removes marks while helping to keep the wood moisturized and increases shine. It also protects the surface against future stains and marks. 

Let the oil soak overnight before buffing away the excess to successfully remove stubborn water rings. You can also try a paste made of olive oil and either salt or vinegar. The extra ingredient aids in stain removal while the olive oil acts as a furniture polish. 

6. Condition Leather Surfaces

Harsh detergents and chemical-laden cleaning products can cause damage and contribute to cracked, dry, and dull-looking leather. Olive oil, on the other hand, helps to restore leather surfaces. It improves the color and can even repair small scratches. Just pour a bit of the oil onto a clean cloth and use a circular motion to rub it into the leather. Test a hidden spot first, and always buff away the excess oil with another clean cloth. 

Treating your leather and other fabrics with the right products is an important part of preserving them. More porous fabrics that are used for curtains, bedding, and furniture upholstery absorb and trap odors easily. A few sprays of a Fresh Wave air freshener eliminates unpleasant smells. 

Use Natural Solutions to Clean Your Home

Natural solutions like olive oil are amazing alternatives to products that contain harmful chemicals. They are both eco-friendly and healthier for your family. These compelling reasons have many people making the switch to natural products. 

Part of keeping your home clean and inviting is making sure it is free of odors. Many odor-eliminating sprays can’t remove smells. Instead, they simply mask them temporarily. Worse yet, most contain harmful ingredients. Keep your family and home safe by opting for the non-toxic odor eliminator brand Fresh Wave. 

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