A young skunk outside

Pet Expert Recommends Fresh Wave for Skunked Dogs

Fresh Wave Eliminates Odors for Skunked Dogs

Most dog-owners have been there. Your dog returns from outdoors with the pungent, almost-impossible-to-remove skunk spray odor. When looking for an effective skunk odor remover, pet expert Steve Dale, CABC — author of “Decoding Your Dog” and host of two national radio programs — recommends Fresh Wave Dog Shampoo.

See his answer from a concerned dog-owner below.

Q: We can hardly go outdoors without smelling a skunk. Moreover, our dog has now had two close encounters, which created a stink so bad in our home we needed professionals to come in and de-skunk. Do you have any advice?

D. D, St. Paul, MN

A: It’s that time of year. Here’s a “recipe” that I’ve historically offered; you can find it in a myriad of places online.

  • Get a clothespin — that’s for your nose.
  • Wipe your pet down with a solution of one-quart hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup sodium bicarbonate and one-teaspoon liquid dish soap.
  • Dunk your stinkin’ pet into a bath of two parts tomato juice and one part lukewarm water.

This “recipe” works adequately. However, I developed it 20 years ago.

Today, you can do better by purchasing one of an array of manufactured products specifically made to shampoo skunked dogs. Your best bet may be Fresh Wave Dog Shampoo.

It’s all natural, and actually zaps odors rather than masking them with another odor. Simultaneously, you can treat the house with Fresh Wave Gel, soy Candle and/or Fresh Wave Spray.



Thanks for the kind words, Steve Dale! We couldn't agree more. Check out some of our Odor Removing Pet Collection here!