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Cleaning and Odor Removing Tips for Your Holiday Decorations

As the Thanksgiving celebrations draw to a close, it’s time to set your sights on preparing for the next big holiday—Christmas. That means it’s time to climb into the attic or down into the basement to retrieve the Christmas decorations. You’ve bought the tree, the family is excited to get the house ready for the festive season, and you’ve collected all of the decoration boxes together in the living room. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! There’s only one problem. Your Christmas decorations smell less than festive. In fact, they could be more suited to a Krampus-style Christmas! 

From stale and musty Christmas garlands to dirty Christmas stockings, it’s time to take action to remove odor from Christmas decor. In this article, we’ll give you tips to freshen up your decorations and home and ensure it’s a happy, hygienic, and healthy holiday for all. 

What is That Holiday Decoration Smell? 

Christmas comes but once a year and for the rest of the time, your decorations will be stored away out of sight. That usually means cramming them into the attic space, or the basement, or stuffing them into a cupboard. These areas are usually dark, they can be damp, and they could also be susceptible to extreme hot or cold temperatures. All of these conditions can take their toll on your decorations, not least on how they smell. Damp can cause your decorations to smell musty, while hot and stuffy plastic boxes can leave an unpleasant synthetic smell on your ornaments and baubles. 

Fabrics are most susceptible to unpleasant smells. Over time, musty odors can get deep into the fibers and can be hard to shift. If your dirty Christmas stockings are enough to send Santa scrambling back up the chimney, it’s time to get them fragrant again! You might also notice that your artificial Christmas tree or garlands are smelling less than fresh, or that your tablecloths and runners are in need of some TLC. No type of decoration is immune to nasty odors and you’ll want to take action as quickly as possible to restore peace and Christmas joy to your home. 

Is There a Way to Prevent the Decorations Smell Overall? 

So, is there any way to avoid the embarrassment and annoyance of less-than-merry Christmas decoration odors? The bad news is that more traditional ways of removing odors would prove impractical. These include keeping your decorations out of storage and aerated all year long. Other methods may involve washing or spraying your decorations to remove or mask the odor. The problem with these methods is that you probably don’t want your Christmas decorations out all year long and washing them could cause damage or discoloration. The good news is that there are new and proven methods to remove odor from Christmas decor and they are super effective and efficient. Even better, they allow you to store your decorations neatly away and won’t cause any damage. 

Tips for Removing Holiday Decoration Odor

Musty odors can really take over before you know it. While you might get used to the smell over time, it’s your guests that will turn their noses up the moment they step through your door. No matter how beautiful your Christmas decorations and displays, a bad smell can really make them lose their sparkle. Restore the magic and wonder of Christmas around your home by following our top tips to remove odor from Christmas decor. 

Removing Christmas Tree Odor

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how smelly are your branches. Well, that’s not the way the song is supposed to go, is it? If your tree is smelling less of fresh pine forests and more of damp and mildew, it’s time to take action. Musty odors from Christmas decorations can be attacked in the same way you would attack other musty odors. Candles are a great way to remove unwanted household smells and your Christmas decorations and tree are no exception. With Fresh Wave Odor Removing Candles, you get all the odor-busting power you need in one convenient candle. Our candles are made from beeswax and soy and free from artificial fragrances and chemicals for a safer, more pleasant burn. Packed with natural ingredients that neutralize stubborn musty odors, these are candles you can depend on to remove odor from Christmas decor. 

For the holiday season, we recommend our Original Odor Removing Candle. Its neutral scent is the perfect partner for holiday scented essential oils. Why not opt for a Christmas tree scent or candy cane variety to bring plenty of festive cheer to your home? Our candles can be placed in any room to remove unwanted odors. They are also great for removing cooking smells from the kitchen or placing in bathrooms and guest bedrooms. 

Removing Stocking Odor

Hang your Christmas stockings from the mantle with pride this festive season with the help of Fresh Wave Laundry Booster. Even the most dirty Christmas stockings can be freshened up with this all-purpose odor remover. Simply pop your stockings into your washing machine on the delicate setting, and add Laundry Booster alongside your favorite laundry detergent. It will get to work on neutralizing nasty odors and leave your stockings and any other Christmas fabrics that are suitable for the washing machine smelling and looking fresh and clean. Laundry Booster can also be used to deodorize appliances, surfaces, drains, toilets, floors, and much more. Stock up for Christmas and the new year with our great value 2-packs. 

Restore the Magic to Your Christmas Decorations

Our odor-busting products are designed to tackle musty smells on your Christmas decorations and much more. They are all-natural, super effective, and can be used throughout the home to neutralize unwanted odors. Packed with plant-powered ingredients that are proven to get results, Fresh Wave products don’t just cover up odors, they eliminate them once and for all. Restore the magic and joy to your Christmas decorations this year and show bad odors who’s boss.