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  • Keeping things fresh,
    with two new products!

    The Fresh Wave Fresh Pod holds
    one Pearl Pack and is ideal for
    eliminating odors in small spaces.
    Designed to adhere to any clean,
    flat surface it can be refilled with
    Pearl Packs for 30-60 days worth
    of odor elimination!

    The Fresh Wave Drain and Disposal
    Deodorizer perfect for getting rid of
    odors in your sink, tub, floor drain,
    or smelly garbage disposal. Just,
    pour, wait, rinse and odors are gone!

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  • Introducing the
    new Crystal Gel
    Design Collection.

    Ideal for any room in your home
    and designed to complement any
    decor. This elegant set includes
    18oz. of Fresh Wave Crystal Gel
    in a decorative, refillable frosted
    canister with a matte chrome lid.
    Refill with our 64oz. Gel refill size.

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  • Fresh Wave®...a Higher
    Standard in Odor Elimination

    No harsh chemicals.
    No masking fragrances.
    Ditch the chemicals and
    the odor...with Fresh Wave.

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  • It's The Odor Eliminator
    Mother Nature Would Use

    You think Mother Nature would use artificial anything?
    Of course not. That's what's so refreshing about
    Fresh Wave. It completely eliminates odors -
    any odor-with natural ingredients. See first-hand how
    the power of nature can remove even the toughest odor.

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  • Made Here.

    Fresh Wave products are proudly
    Made in America using natural
    ingredients. This means they not
    only work hard to safely remove odors,
    they also put hardworking Americans
    to work. And that works for everyone!

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  • Parent Approved.
    With Proof!

    Our Fresh Wave® Crystal Gel and
    Home Spray - included in the Stinky
    Dorm Kit - were awarded the "Parent
    Tested Parent Approved" seal of
    approval in the Eco-Friendly Products
    category. Both items were tested by
    a panel of parents and deemed to
    be safe, effective, green solutions
    for removing odors. Here, here!

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Fresh Wave Fresh Pod


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