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keep your furry friend, fresh and odor-free
Love your furry friend but not in love with the odors that come along with being a pet owner? From odorless pet bedding and litter box areas to a refreshing stink-free bath, your fav four-legged friend will smell no more. Even if a not-so-friendly encounter with a skunk ensues... fear not! Fresh Wave will remove skunk odors with a mere bath or two. And that definitely does not stink!
pet odor eliminating spray
Freshen up bedding, furniture...and your pet... with our odor removing spray.
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litter box odor eliminator
"You have a cat?" is what they’ll say when you freshen your home with our gel.
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natural pet odor eliminator
When dog vs. skunk goes terribly wrong our pet shampoo will save the day!
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pet odor neutralizer
Keep pet bedding smelling fresh with laundry booster!
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