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Fresh Wave Love

We could tell you all about how great our products are for removing odors using only natural ingredients. We could go on and on about how they are safe to use or how they really work, but why hear it from us? Here's what our customers, bloggers and the media have to say about Fresh Wave. It's so nice to be loved. Heart Don't you think?

You know that life doesn't have to stink! Share that wisdom with every one else. Share your love of Fresh Wave here and we just might feature it on our website or in our ads. (And that means SWAG for you!)                  

This product is the best,
two years ago one of our resident's dog decided to go after a skunk while being taken for a walk. The dog received a full spray from the skunk, his owner then panicked and took the dog into the apartment. The odor filled the entire floor. Our maintenance staff used both the Fresh Wave Gel and Spray to treat the apartment and common areas with unbelievable results. With in a short time the odor was gone everywhere.
- Bob W.
Front loading washing machines are great however odors and mildew can build up on the inner rubber gasket. I use Fresh Wave Laundry Booster with every load to control this problem and it works perfectly to prevent mildew and odors from building up. Thank you for a wonderful product that really works.
- Ellen A.
Besides adding to some of my laundry loads, I also use the laundry booster after my final load of wash by pouring a little on a paper towel and wiping down drum, door gasket, & door. In addition to this, I pour a little in the laundry soap tray. This has kept my front-loader free of any musty smells. Love this product.
- Valerie S.
The Daily Pip
"Want to know why I am so relaxed? Because my family started using Fresh Wave natural odor removing products to get rid of the smells that my feline sisters and I leave behind Now I can rest easy knowing that the odors are gone and my family is healthy."
Mrs. Bishop
"The Odor Removing Spray is a lifesaver for last minute freshening! I spray it on everything. Furniture, shoes, rugs. It takes out any residual lingering odors and makes my home smell SO fresh."
- Mrs. Bishop
"When I was at my neighbor's' house I noticed she had Fresh Wave odor removing packs. Wow - it smells so fresh, light and natural, without being overwhelming. I put one pack in my sneakers. It was magical, I couldn't smell the odor in my sneakers, like it never existed. I'm hooked on Fresh Wave.
-Olga P.
"We needed to grab some odor removing spray since what we normally use was either out or trapped beneath mounds of laundry that needs folding. I walked past what we would normally purchase to see if there were any products that were more natural than what we're used to. Insert Fresh Wave here. We purchased the odor removing spray and it was instant love!"
- Amanda O.
"I received Fresh Wave products as part of a gift bag from Bump Club and Beyond. One sniff and I was a believer! My home is now stocked with Fresh Wave products, which we use everywhere. The bathroom, closets, drawers... the best part is, it keeps the rooms smelling fresh no matter what's going in around. Love the whole line!"
- Mary R.
"My wife and I have been on an all natural ingredient product kick ever since we had our daughter last September. It's all about making sure she is breathing in non-toxic chemicals. We stumbled across your odor removing Spray at a local Target and fell in love. We definitely support and appreciate all that your company does! Your product is helping us feel safer every day. Keep up the good work!"
- Freddy L.
Mom's Best Network
"Move over baking soda we found something that works for any odor! Made of fresh ingredients, we love that you can place this container anywhere where odors are strong and BAM problem solved!"
- Mom's Best Network
The Bragging Mommy
"The different products work for all areas of our home so that every nook & cranny is odorless! Fresh Wave gets BRAGGING RIGHTS!!"
- The Bragging Mommy
"These products blow my mind. Fresh Wave is the closest thing to a miracle when it comes to odor removal."
- The Simple Moms
Good Housekeeping
"Zap kitchen odors. Tuck a woodsy scented Fresh Wave Pack in the trash can, the blend of plant extracts will fight odors for weeks."

Chicago Tribune
"For skunk odor removal...your best bet is Fresh Wave. It's natural, actually zaps odors rather than masking them. Treat your house with Fresh Wave odor removing Gel or Spray."
- Pet Expert, Steve Dale
OMG, never used
anything so wonderful smelling and odor removing in my life. I have 2 small STINKY Dachshunds!! Their bed smells horrible, they sit on the couch next to me, the couch smells horrible!! I saw Fresh Wave at my local grocery store, opened it up just to smell it, the smell is wonderful, very woodsy!! I was amazed at what it has done for the dogs, their bedding and my couches, it totally eliminated all of the dog smell in my house.
- Bobbi B.
My dog, Mesa, met
a skunk and you know what happened. Unbeknownst to me it wasn't until I brought her into the house that the stink came in with the pooch! I gave her many baths but the house had the odor. A visit to the store and I found this amazing product. It got rid of the skunk smell! A neighbor had the same problem and I loaned them my Fresh Wave spray. They raved about how well it worked. Thanks for this most wonderful spray.
- Juanita C.
Your product is amazing!!!! My dog got skunked and I called Service Master for a professional cleaning service. The guy told me about Fresh Wave and he said it would do the trick and it did!!!! I bought the gel, packs, spray, pet shampoo, candles and laundry booster! After an hour my house smells amazing! I'm hooked and will keep your products in my house always!!!
Thank you!!!!
- Anita B.
Budget Earth
"Even with a clean house, there isn’t much you can do about dog beds, carpet, and some of your dog’s favorite areas. Recently, however, we found the perfect solution for fighting back against not only pet smells, but smells in general – Fresh Wave!"
Cleans the new Black
"The Packs are my favorite for smaller places. I have one taped to the inside of my trash lid and literally not smelled trash for weeks!"
- Cleansthenewblack
"After years of purchasing other products to mask the kitty litter odor lurking from room to room in our house, I finally found Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel! I placed the gel container in the room with the kitty litter and I began noticing a fresh and clean breathable room within minutes. Thank you, Fresh Wave for making an awesome product that actually works!
-Danielle B.
"Thank you Fresh Wave for the ultimate smell-beating solution. No other air freshener spray or gel works as well as your products. I love the fresh long lasting scent. My favorite is the odor removing gel—it freshens up the whole room!"
- Joshua K.
Positively Oakes
"Mamas I’ve found the secret! The secret to a fresh smelling house and it’s EASY. Okay, it’s called Fresh Wave."
Side by Side Baby
"Love the fact that I could throw the Fresh Pod into my Mom-van and take the awful smell away. We all know that stinky milk, stinky feet smell that tends to linger no matter what."
- Side by Side Baby
alamo ciy moms blog
"Please don't give me a product that makes my trash smell like flowered trash. Fresh Wave did just the opposite. It not only absorbed the trash smell, it left the room smelling clean."
The Inquisitive Mom
"Fresh Wave definitely meets its odor removing promise and does so without harsh, synthetic chemicals, overpowering perfumes, or scents that conceal, rather than remove smells!"
- The Inquisitive Mom
"I use it ALOT and love the way it freshens everything up. Also love the Gel, especially after cooking something strong like sauerkraut, or fish. The smell almost immediately gone."
- Carol J.
"It by far exceeded my wife's and my expectations. We even placed one by the dog's bed, and within 24 hours, the dog smell was gone also."
- William O.
"My classroom is a
portable (an old trailer).
Over the summer they get moldy and musty. Before students came back, I opened the Fresh Wave odor removing Gel. I haven't had any student complaints that my room smells like a 'swamp' as in previous years."
- A teacher
Two cats. Small space. Enough said, right?
Well, maybe not. It's more than cats although those two will move out if I don't use Fresh Wave in their litter space. Seriously. It's also cooking odors in a small space. The candle wipes it out.
- Cristine C.
Essentially Erika
With two rambunctious boys
my bathroom can get stinky. I found success replacing strong chemicals that only mask smell, with Fresh Wave products made from natural ingredients like water and plant oils. I use their odor removing spray on the kids' car seats. Their laundry booster, gets that mildew smell out of my front load washer. But one of my favorite products is the odor removing gel, it removes odors using natural ingredients for up to 90 days!
I discovered Fresh Wave
products after my son was born, started using the spray for our diaper pail and the funny part is now my husband is the most avid user of Fresh Wave products in the house. He plays hockey weekly and loves Fresh Wave products because they keep his equipment from pads to hockey bag odor free. I do not what we would do without Fresh Wave. Thank you for these awesome products that really work!!
- Nina G.
Mrs. Seacannon
"I have always had a super sensitive sense of smell. During pregnancy its the worst! I can sniff out smells with the tenacity of a bomb sniffing dog. The smells of having a baby and now a toddler have sent me searching for something to remove odors naturally and I finally found Fresh Wave."
"I have been using Fresh Wave products for a few years now. These are the best odor eliminated products on the market. I recommend Fresh Wave to all my friends. Anywhere there is a possible place for odors is a place for Fresh Wave."
- Christine S.
"Usually with air freshener sprays you smell the bad smell and some flowery smell. With Fresh Wave you just smell their amazing smelling spray and no bad smells! I buy it for my work to give out to customers as a thank you and they love it also.
- Melanie R.
"My family started using Fresh Wave products nearly a year ago and we love it!! The odor removing gel and packs are used throughout our house and especially during travel. They help remove all of the stinky dog smell in our bedroom, the yucky little toddler smells in the family room and help keep our kitchen smelling fresh and clean! I recommend these products to our family and friends all the time!"
- Kate K.
The Chestnut Mutts
"We have recently found a great brand called Fresh Wave who’s changing the way us pet parents make our home smell a bit better!"
Mama the Fox
"Fresh Wave is my new favorite household product. I am seriously obsessed with it."
- Mama the Fox
real housewives of Raleigh Durham
"The Odor Removing Spray is by far one of the best deodorizing sprays I've used. It's even safe to use on clothing and pet beds. We've used it on Hank's (our little beagle) bed and he gave it 2 paws up!"
"The best thing I like to use my Fresh Wave for is our pet beds. I don't want to wash it every single day but it needs a little deodorizing often so I find that this is perfect."
- The Crunchy Mom Next Door
Good Housekeeping
"Who says cleaning products can't have great design? No one will ever know you're controlling odors with Fresh Wave's Gel."
"Fresh Wave natural odor eliminators remove unwanted odors from anywhere in your home” including pet smells, cooking odors, diaper pails, sports gear, musty basements, smoke odors, anything!"
Family Circle
"Put a jar in every room to deodorize funky pet smells."
I'm sad that it took me so
long to try Fresh Wave packs. Being a first time mom, I was unaware of the stench of diapers I would encounter once my son started eating solids. I died a little each time I had to open the diaper pail. With the Fresh Wave packs I no longer dread opening the diaper pail and my husband even said it smells like a spa. Thank you for allowing me to breathe again with your amazing product.
- Lena H.
Happy Mess Moments
I love using the soy-based Fresh Wave candle after I cook!
- Happy Mess MOMents
Love Love Love! We have containers of Fresh Wave gel all over our home. I also keep a pack in my car. These neutralize all sorts of odors from cooking to the cat's litter boxes. Fresh Wave is a perfect name as these products keep our environments FRESH!
- Janet F.
Our Own Little Hive
"The first thing I tried was their Odor Removing Spray. And I LOVED this stuff! I sprayed it EVERYWHERE! I sprayed it in our closet, on our rugs, just in the middle of the room, and I even tried it on the couch! I wish I could send a spray sample through my computer to all of you. It’s soooo good!"
"I cannot be without Fresh Wave. It is the most reliable product in my household. We have a skunk problem in our area and the Fresh Wave even works on that pungent odor. The 2 cats and 6 litter boxes are really minor compared to the skunks but that was why I originally purchased Fresh Wave, to keep my home smelling fresh and not perfume scented." "With a big dog in our home, everything seemed to have that dog smell...until I discovered Fresh Wave. Nothing else does the job of eliminating dog smell like this product! It keeps my home smelling fresh!
-Jan D.
"I got a small sample bottle of Fresh Wave spray at the Biggest Baby Shower. I loved the scent but didn't realize how great it works until my baby arrived. I walked into the nursery and instantly smelled that my daughter had been active in diaper department. With literally one spritz of the Fresh Wave room spray, the room smelled fantastic. I love that! It also doesn't leave a sticky feeling on the floor or other surfaces like other spray products."
- Samantha F.
Naturally Nerdy Mommas
"The tub of gel has been assigned to tackle pet odors and I have to admit, I was a little skeptical that it was up for the job. But much to my surprise and joy, it has passed this test with flying colors."
Chic Boston Mama
"Get this, the ingredients are PLANT OILS & WATER!!! That is all. The sofa & area rugs get sprayed, shoot I even spray the playroom tent & pillows! Best part is with all natural ingredients I don't worry about the pup or babe getting their hands on it. "
- Chic Boston Mama
Project Party Perfect
"I love using the spray around the house, especially right before guests come over. I know I can't hide the mess...but at least my home is odor free! My nose is happy. :)"
Small Fry
"I put the crystal gel in the car and don't worry about it because its not harmful! So happy to have Fresh Wave as an option to keep my house smelling great!"
- Small Fry
"Sometimes it's not so easy to find products that aren't harmful to my pets or children. I didn't know I had a choice until I found Fresh Wave Natural Odor Eliminator products."
- The More The Merrier
Today show
"A breath of fresh air. Grabs odors and drops them to the ground."
"Now I have an entire collection of products to make my home smell fresh and inviting;" Fresh Wave!"
- Lynchburg Mama
I love these products!
I've never been able to burn scented candles because I am too sensitive to the fragrances in them. However, the Fresh Wave candle doesn't bother me. It beckons me! I LOVE the fresh clean aroma of my home while burning it. These products are brilliant. I have been using them (spray, gel, candles) for many years and always give them as gifts because I know they are safe, effective and needed.
- Mandy B.
Orlando Moms Blog
"So I didn’t believe my dog had to go out outside. It was late at night and I thought she just wanted to go out and play. Well, the next morning there was a smelly, wet spot on the rug next to my office. So I took it outside and used the Fresh Wave laundry booster, sprayed it off and it was good as new! Probably better.
We have previously had one main "smell" issue in our home, the room the guinea pig resides. Our kids argued over who's room she stayed in because they didn't want her in their room. I was so happy when we were introduced to Fresh Wave! We now use the gel in her room. I barely notice her cage smell and the kids are happy to share a room with her now :-)
- Alison V.
The City Hippy Studio
"Put a Fresh Wave Fresh Pod in the inside of the diaper pail. I know I'm not alone when I say I don't want my poor baby to have to sleep among a poo smell. I also know I'm not alone when I tell you that there have been times when I've entered the nursery and a wall of stink coming from the diaper pail hits me in the face. No more!"
"I have used Fresh Wave products for years. The spray, beads, etc. This time I ordered the laundry booster! This stuff does the trick. My grandkids play soccer, baseball, dance etc. Occasionally, when they're with me, I wash their uniforms. They go in the wash pretty rough smelling, but come out fresh and clean smelling! I really love it!"
-Jan H.
"I love Fresh Wave products. After my baby was born I searched for a green and fresh way to beat the stinky odors, but I didn't love anything on the market. Until I came across Fresh Wave spray - perfect! Freshens up a room rather than just masks the odor. Thank you so much!
-Maria R.
"Love your products! There's nothing like coming into a good smelling home!"
- Molly A.
Green Baby Guide

"No matter how clean our house is, there’s that one spot that has an odor we can’t get rid of. We’ve tried spritzing essential oil and using cedar planks and balls, but those are short term solutions. For those problem areas, we use
Fresh Wave."
The Bucket List Mom
"If the products didn't work, I wouldn't be writing about them today, but they absolutely work like a charm"
- The Bucket List Mom
Orlando Moms blog
"I would be breaking a mom-daughter code if I put any specifics here, so just take me at my word that Fresh Wave in a preteen and teenage daughter's bathroom is a must."
The Forum
"Instead of being bombarded with fake scents, I now can take a breath and smell nothing but clean air. If it can neutralize the potent odor of garlic and onions in my trash can, it has to be effective."
- The Forum Fargo, North Dakota
"Free the air of funky or lingering scents with Fresh Wave."
"I'm not one to give reviews, but this stuff REALLY WORKS! So I felt it deserves a good review. THANKS FRESH WAVE. You TRULY WORK!!!!"
- Tiffany S.
"How to keep your flats fresh all summer? I'd recommend giving your flats a spritz with possibly the best odor-control product out there, Fresh Wave, when you take them off each night."
Fresh Wave I had my doubts but my mud room was smelling like a dirty locker room, so I brought Fresh wave put it in the mud room and almost instantly it took that yucky smell away, now it smells nice and fresh!
- Barbara P.
Simply Every
"The fresh, natural scent of Fresh Wave keeps our entire house odor free! With a house full of boys and dogs, this is a must have in our home! I love natural products that get the job done.”
We have 4 large dogs, my husband's current K9 partner, his retired K9 partner, and our two family dogs. Together they are almost 350lbs of dog! That's a lot of stink. Ha ha! To combat the stink we use your Fresh Wave gel in their room and throughout the house. We love it and do not miss the old smell. Thank you for making such awesome products.
- Rachel B.
Quinnley's Corner
"The shampoo itself is wonderful and I love the smell, it smells very citrusy to me! I love how well it removes odor! I give this product a 10/10 and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future!"
"Tried Fresh Wave for the first time and was wowed! It tackled pet bed odor, trash can odor, smelly bathrooms, and sweaty athletic shoes. This product is amazing and I will be repurchasing. Thank You!"
-Lisa B.
"Fresh Wave Gel totally eliminated the musty, dank smell after our basement flooded, Now I have containers all over the house and buy the 63 oz refills. This takes care of all odors: cooking, bathroom, the cat's litter box areas. I love that this product eliminates the odors rather that just perfuming the air. And it’s natural! A home run!
-Janet F.
"I received Fresh Wave products as part of a gift bag from Bump Club and Beyond. One sniff and I was a believer! My home is now stocked with Fresh Wave products, which we use everywhere. The bathroom, closets, drawers... the best part is, it keeps the rooms smelling fresh no matter what's going in around. Love the whole line!"
- Mary R.
Fluff Bum Babies
"Instead of just covering up the smell, and therefore smelling both the stink and the fresh scent, it completely erased it. The stink is essentially gone!”"
Jacksonville Moms Blog
"I have a Pack in my husband’s smelliest shoes & I keep the Spray on top of the toilet. Now that I have a product that works, I'm actively looking for odors to destroy."
- Jacksonville Moms Blog
Julie is a Coco and Cocoa
"Even if my house is technically it doesn't always smell clean. Odor removing help (the spray, gel, and packs) from Fresh Wave is my secret weapon."
Wag n’ Woof Pets
"It's a funny coincidence that we actually got our first offer on the house after I started using Fresh Wave!"
- Wag n Woof Pets
"I purchased the Gel and placed a container in every room. In about 20 minutes, the skunk smell had weakened, and my husband and I were not gagging. I am a believer that Fresh Wave works!"
- Julie J.
"It doesn't mask odors with fragrances. Instead, Fresh Wave eliminates odors with plant oils and water, using no harsh chemicals."
- OKC Mom of 3
"Fresh Wave is the only thing that has eliminated the odors coming from our dog and the baby diaper bins."
- Claire A.