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What is Fresh Wave®?
Fresh Wave products the safe and natural way to remove odors. Yes. For reals.  Even the really nasty ones. Like diaper pails (yuck!) and pet odors, even smoke. 

What are Fresh Wave's ingredients?
What's in Fresh Wave? Glad you asked, cause you'll love our answer. Fresh Wave products are made from natural ingredients such as water and plant extracts from lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood. But what will really make you smile is what's NOT in Fresh Wave. All of our products do not have harsh chemicals, do not have synthetic fragrances, do not contain alcohol and are 100% Phthalate free. Hello! Goodness achieved.

How does Fresh Wave work?
Fresh Wave uses a combination of nature and science to eliminate odors completely. So the actual science-part can be somewhat complex. It works like this: All odors are molecular compounds. Fresh Wave products work to break apart the chemical bonds that exist between these molecules, rendering them inert. But the simplicity of our products is knowing that you're using a safe, natural, odor remover that's been tested by academic and third-party experts. And moms of course. :) 

Is Fresh Wave like an air freshener?
Pa-lease. While Fresh Wave freshens the air, our products go way beyond being an air freshener. Fresh Wave removes odor using plant extracts not cover it up with harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances and alcohol. In fact, you could say we are the healthy alternative to air fresheners.

Is Fresh Wave safe?
Fresh Wave is a natural product, safe to use anywhere...even near kids and pets. In fact, when you use Fresh Wave, you can rest-assured that you are using a product that will remove odors without doing any harm to you or your family. Every product in the Fresh Wave family is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and effective against any odor imaginable. Total safety win!

What kind of odors can Fresh Wave remove?
The short answer is, "anything". From bathroom, kitchen, trash and pet odors to the "I have never smelled anything that bad" odor Fresh Wave will remove the odorific offender. Check out where others have Fresh Wave around the house.

Is Fresh Wave easy to use?
A big 'ole yes! Fresh Wave products are incredibly easy to use. And work fast too. Need to freshen a whole room? Just grab our Gel and set it out so it can work its magic. For instant odor removal in the air or on fabrics like pet bedding try our Spray. Got a small space with some big odors? Try our Packs. Or for getting rid of stale cooking smells like garlic or fish light up our Candle and you'll never know there was anything happening in your kitchen (good or bad).

Can Fresh Wave really eliminate skunk smells?
Fortunately for your fav furry friend the answer is yes. If your curious pet has been sprayed, then you know how awful that smell is...and how difficult it is to remove. Fortunately, Fresh Wave products work like a charm and get rid of skunk smells easily and safely.


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