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Car Odor Eliminators

Fresh Wave products remove car odors with natural ingredients.

Daily commutes, meals on the move, transporting kids, on-the-go smoke breaks ... our vehicles collect bad smells from everyday drives. Because of the confined space in vehicles, you need a car deodorizer that is safe to use, not one that includes harmful chemicals or synthetic perfumes.

Throw away those scented pine trees and clip on diffusers. Fresh Wave natural odor removing products use the power of plant oils to neutralize odor molecules. Our sprays, packs, and gels don't mask odors with fake fragrances, they get rid of them for good. That's something those Black Ice air fresheners can't do.

Effective on odors from ...


Our odor eliminator spray for cars finds and destroys molecules from cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke.


Use Fresh Wave Gel as a continuous-release odor neutralizer for cars. It fights odors as it evaporates.


Toss a Pack under your seat, or stick a Pod under your glove box for everyday odor elimination.


Nothing ruins "new car smell” like odors in your vehicle.

Backed by the leader in innovative automotive cleaning products, Turtle Wax®, Fresh Wave Odor Removing Vehicle Spray eliminates all odors safely, naturally, and effectively from your car, truck, van, or RV. Make the switch from the harmful chemicals and fake fragrances in traditional car air fresheners.

Our ingredients include a blend of pure water and natural plant oils – with just a hint of zesty orange essence – allowing you to get rid of bad smells for good, the safe way.

Get rid of odors from smoke (cigarette, pipe, tobacco), food, pets, and more!