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Fresh Wave products get rid of smoke smell with natural ingredients.

Powerful tobacco and cigarette smoke smells can linger for years after the smoke has cleared. Its small particles allow it to seep into almost any surface and stick — outlasting most air fresheners, deodorizers, or open windows.

Get rid of smoke odors for good. Fresh Wave natural smoke odor eliminators use the power of plant oils to neutralize tobacco smoke odor molecules. Our sprays, laundry booster, candles, and gels don’t mask odors with fake fragrances, they eliminate them.

Vehicles & Furniture

Fabrics, upholstery, and carpets trap odors within their fibers. Get rid of smoke odors in your car and household surfaces with odor neutralizing Sprays.

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Add a cap full of Laundry Booster to detergent to remove smoke smell from clothes.

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Layers of smoke odors can build up in walls and floors. Light our soy-based Candle, and remove smoke smells from your house.

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Rental Cars & Hotel Rooms

Avoid smoke damage and fines when you travel. Pack Fresh Wave Travel Spray for on-the-go odor control.

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How it Works

Whether a spray, gel or laundry booster, Fresh Wave smoke odor eliminators use a scientific approach to get rid of stubborn tobacco and cigarette smells.

Because all odors are chemical compounds, Fresh Wave natural products get rid of smoke smells by breaking apart the chemical bonds between odor molecules and forming new compounds. These new molecules don't have a smell, and odors are gone for good — not just covered up.