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Fresh Wave products remove everyday odors with natural ingredients.

Pop quiz: do you have unwanted smells — from sports, classrooms, dorm rooms, and laundry? Some air fresheners use harsh chemicals or scents to hide odors temporarily. Make the switch to Fresh Wave, and take that stink to school.

Our Sprays, Laundry Booster, Candles, and Gels don’t mask odors with fake fragrances. They eliminate them, safely and naturally, with plant oils and pure water. Put Fresh Wave products to the test. We’re sure you’ll give them straight "A’s."


Rooms can collect student odors throughout the day, especially after lunch and post-recess or gym class. Add Gels to neutralize smells continuously.

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Dorm Rooms

You like your roommates. Their smells? Not so much. Stash a Gel or light a candle for discreet odor elimination.

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Sports Bags & Book Bags

Toss a Travel Spray in bags to remove odors from gym clothes, shoes, food, and more.

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Use Laundry Booster to get rid of tough smells from workout gear, uniforms, linens, and towels.

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A Fresh Pod is perfect for tackling locker odors. Stick it on the door or under the top shelf.

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Cars & Vans

Carpools and game trips can take a toll on your vehicle. Tuck some Packs under your seats to get rid of food and other odors.

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