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keep your furry friend, fresh and odor-free

Eliminate stubborn smells with pet odor eliminators

Love your furry friend but not with the odors of being a pet owner? From odorless pet bedding and litter box areas to a refreshing stink-free bath, get rid of dog and cat smells with Fresh Wave pet odor neutralizer products.

Even if a not-so-friendly encounter with a skunk happens ... no worries. Fresh Wave will remove skunk odors with a bath or two.

Choose the correct pet odor neutralizer for your pet

Get rid of dog smell on pet bedding with Fresh Wave sprays
Get rid of dog and cat smells at home with Fresh Wave pet odor neutralizer sprays. Apply directly to dog beds, cat trees, or furniture to eliminate odors at the source.
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Eliminate litter box smells with Fresh Wave odor absorbing gels
Is your cat's litter box making your house smell unbearable? Does your dog's favorite hangout spot get stinky? Odor neutralizing Gels absorb smells from the room so your home can stay fresh all day, every day.
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Odor eliminating dog shampoo
After a romp in the mud, trip to the dog park, or unfortunate run-in with a skunk, Fresh Wave pet odor neutralizing shampoo makes bath time more effective and better smelling.
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Eliminate pet odors on fabric with Fresh Wave laundry booster
Eliminate odors from dog beds, blankets, linens, and more with our pet odor neutralizing laundry booster. Add this deodorizer to your load with regular detergent and remove the toughest odors.
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How it Works

Whether a Spray, Gel, shampoo, or Laundry Booster, Fresh Wave pet odor neutralizing products use a scientific approach to removing stubborn pet smells. Because all odors are chemical compounds, Fresh Wave products work to tackle all smells at the source by absorbing odor molecules.

Fresh Wave pet odor eliminators then break apart the chemical bonds between odor molecules and make new compounds. These new molecules don't have a smell, and odors are gone for good (not just covered up).


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