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Fresh Wave Reviews and Testimonials

People love Fresh Wave ... and talking about how much they love it.

Read through these success stories from real customers and praise from magazines, TV shows, and newspapers.


"A breath of fresh air. Grabs odors and drops them to the ground."

"Put a jar in every room to deodorize funky pet smells."

"How to keep your flats fresh all summer? [Give them] a spritz with possibly the best odor-control product out there, Fresh Wave, when you take them off each night."

"Free the air of funky or lingering scents with Fresh Wave."

"Fresh Wave natural odor eliminators remove unwanted odors from anywhere in your home including pet smells, cooking odors, diaper pails, sports gear, musty basements, smoke odors, anything!"

"Zap kitchen odors. Tuck a woodsy scented Fresh Wave Pack in the trash can, the blend of plant extracts will fight odors for weeks."

"For skunk odor removal ... your best bet is Fresh Wave. It's natural, actually zaps odors rather than masking them. Treat your house with Fresh Wave odor removing Gel or Spray."

"The Odor Removing Spray is a lifesaver for last-minute freshening! I spray it on everything. Furniture, shoes, rugs. It takes out … lingering odors and makes my home smell SO fresh."



"When I was at my neighbor's' house I noticed she had Fresh Wave odor removing packs. It smells so fresh, light and natural, without being overwhelming. I put one pack in my sneakers. It was magical, I couldn't smell the odor in my sneakers, like it never existed. I'm hooked on Fresh Wave."

Olga P.

"I'm sad that it took me so long to try Fresh Wave packs. Being a first-time mom, I was unaware of the stench of diapers I would encounter once my son started eating solids. I died a little each time I had to open the diaper pail. With the Fresh Wave packs, I no longer dread opening the diaper pail, and my husband even said it smells like a spa. Thank you for allowing me to breathe again with your amazing product."

Lena H.


"I use [Fresh Wave] A LOT and love the way it freshens everything. Also love the Gel, especially after cooking something strong like sauerkraut or fish. The smell is almost immediately gone."

Carol J.

"Love Love Love! We have containers of Fresh Wave gel all over our home. I also keep a pack in my car. These neutralize all sorts of odors from cooking to the cat's litter boxes. Fresh Wave is a perfect name as these products keep our environments FRESH!"

Janet F.

Candle & Spray

"I love these products! I've never been able to burn scented candles because I am too sensitive to the fragrances in them. However, the Fresh Wave candle doesn't bother me. It beckons me! I LOVE the fresh clean aroma of my home while burning it. These products are brilliant. I have been using them (spray, gel, candles) for many years and always give them as gifts because I know they are safe, effective, and needed."

Mandy B.

"I love Fresh Wave products. After my baby was born I searched for a green and fresh way to beat the stinky odors, but I didn't love anything on the market. Until I came across Fresh Wave spray - perfect! Freshens up a room rather than just masks the odor. Thank you, so much!"

Maria R.

Kids & Pets

"My wife and I have been on an natural ingredient product kick ever since we had our daughter. It's all about making sure she is breathing in non-toxic [air]. We stumbled across your odor removing spray at a local Target and fell in love. We definitely support and appreciate all that your company does! Your product is helping us feel safer every day. Keep up the good work."

Freddy L.

"With a big dog in our home, everything seemed to have that dog smell ... until I discovered Fresh Wave. Nothing else does the job of eliminating dog smell like this product! It keeps my home smelling fresh!"

Jan D.

Really Works

"Tried Fresh Wave for the first time and was wowed! It tackled pet bed odor, trash can odor, smelly bathrooms, and sweaty athletic shoes. This product is amazing and I will be repurchasing. Thank you!"

Lisa B.

"Fresh Wave Gel totally eliminated the musty, dank smell after our basement flooded, Now I have containers all over the house and buy the 63 oz. refills. I love that this product eliminates the odors rather than just perfuming the air. And it's natural! A home run!"

Janet F.

"I received Fresh Wave products as part of a gift bag from Bump Club and Beyond. One sniff and I was a believer! My home is now stocked with Fresh Wave products, which we use everywhere. Love the whole line!"

Mary R.

"I'm not one to give reviews, but this stuff REALLY WORKS! So, I felt it deserved a good review. THANKS FRESH WAVE. You TRULY WORK!!!!"

Tiffany S.