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Sports Odor Eliminators

Fresh Wave products remove sports equipment odors with natural ingredients.

Foul smells from sweaty sports equipment can stick around long after a workout. Traditional air fresheners use harmful chemicals or cover odors with synthetic scents (or mix with smells to create worse aromas). And they don’t have the endurance to remove odors for keeps.

Use Fresh Wave as a gym bag odor eliminator or locker room air freshener, in addition to using it to eliminate odors from sports equipment. Our squad of sports odor removing products uses the power of plant oils to neutralize odor molecules. Fresh Wave sprays, laundry booster, packs, and gels don’t mask odors with fake fragrances, they get rid of them for good.

Effective on odors in ...


Add packs to shoes and duffels for effective gym bag odor control.


Add a cap full of laundry booster to detergent to clean odors from clothes and uniforms.


Store gels or packs with your gear as natural locker air fresheners.


Bring spray to use as a car odor eliminator when you travel for post-game odor removal.