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Fresh Wave products are the natural alternative to Febreze

The Natural Alternative to Febreze

Febreze may be staple in many households, but the common air freshener may not be the safest option for you and your family. Febreze and other air freshener sprays contain harmful chemicals linked to neurotoxicity (a poison which acts on the nervous system), skin allergies and irritation, and diseases like cancer and asthma.

In a study of ingredients, the Natural Resources Defense Council found high concentrations of Di-ethyl Phthalate (DEP) in several popular air fresheners. Phthalates aren’t the only toxic ingredients used by air fresheners, including Febreze. Many studies have shown that dangerous chemicals can hide behind "fragrance” on product labels. In University of Washington research of common air fresheners, they found on average 17 chemicals in each product — nearly a quarter which would be classified as toxic or harmful.

The dangers of Febreze don’t stop there. In a separate study, the Environmental Working Group found 89 airborne contaminants in one Febreze product, including toxic acetaldehyde. Because companies are not required to list all ingredients, these chemicals can go undetected by users.

The dangers of Febreze and other chemical air fresheners
Fresh Wave odor eliminators attract and absorb odor molecules to neutralize smells.

Fresh Wave: The Best Febreze Alternative

Fresh Wave uses a combination of nature and science to get rid of everyday odors. The actual science part can be somewhat complex, but generally works like this:

  • All odors are chemical compounds
  • Fresh Wave products use natural plant oils to find and attach to odor-causing compounds

  • Then, they break apart the chemical bonds between odor molecules and make new compounds

  • These new compounds don't smell; odors gone!

Plus, Fresh Wave odor-eliminating sprays aren’t just for the air. Spritz them on smelly clothing, pet bedding, shoes, trash cans, furniture, and even carpet to get rid of the toughest odors.

Fresh Wave natural odor eliminating ingredients


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 Natural Ingredients
 Eliminates Odors Completely

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