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Fresh Smelling Home Tips

Whether fighting malodors with products you have home or how-to's on how to use Fresh Wave natural home odor eliminating products, trust our odor removal tips to solve your biggest problem areas.

No matter your odor elimination needs, we'll walk you through the solution step-by-step. These fresh smelling home tips will teach you how to deep clean the most stubborn odors. Plus, we'll give you a quicker alternative for when time is tight.

Browse our home odor removal tips:

Best Way to Clean a Dirty Shower Curtain

Like anything else, shower curtains require regular maintenance to keep your bathroom clean and fresh smelling. Here are a few tips on how to clean a dirty shower curtain.

How to Clean a Duvet and Keep it Smelling Fresh

Read our helpful tips for cleaning a duvet at home and keep it fresh through the heat of summer, the cold of winter, and beyond.

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Bleach in Your House

Here are a few ways to get rid of bleach smell in your house, and keep the air in every room smelling fresh while you disinfect.

How to Remove Paint Odor from Inside the House

If you're painting a confined room in your house, or just aren't sure how to remove paint odor inside the house, try these easy and natural tips to get rid of paint odor.

Best Way to Clean Curtains and Drapes

discover the best way to clean curtains and drapes to keep allergens away, combat airborne irritants, and improve the overall air quality of your home.

How to Get Rid of The Dog Smell in Your Car

Often the odor is caused by yeast and bacteria molecules in your dog's fur -- molecules that then evaporate into the air of your car or burrow into the fabric of your seats and carpet. Follow these steps to find out how to remove that stubborn dog smell from your car.

How to Get Rid of Litter Box Odor

Litter box odors can be uniquely unpleasant and something that all homeowners wish to keep from their loved ones, neighbors, and guests. Find out how to stop litter box smell with these easy fixes for something that is oh-so common.

How to Get Rid of Boot Odors

Boot odor embeds itself deep into the supple fabric of linings meant to keep your feet warm. This environment leads to happy feet ... and creates the perfect climate for breeding nasty odor molecules.

How to Eliminate Fridge Odors

An unpleasant odor wafts out when you open the fridge door. As you choke on the awful aromas you realize it's time to clean out your refrigerator. But what's the most effective way to eliminate odors?

How to Get Rid of Hockey Bag Smells

To keep gear smelling fresh (and avoid stinking up your locker room), it’s best to wash your gear and deodorize your hockey bag regularly.

How to Make Your Closet Smell Fresh

Because they are tight spaces with limited airflow, closets often become collection zones for concentrated odors. Follow these four easy steps to eliminate and prevent odors and make your closet smell good.

How to Deodorize a Backpack

Backpacks can take a beating, developing strong odors from the diverse items they carry. Here's a quick guide to backpack odor removal and keeping smells from coming back.

How to Make Your Gym Bag Smell Good

Gym bags are the perfect environment for harboring unwanted odor. After every workout, they seal in smells from sweaty clothes and equipment, locking in odor and creating that undeniable gym bag smell.

The Natural Alternative to Febreze

Febreze may be staple in many households, but the common air freshener may not be the safest option for you and your family. Fresh Wave uses a combination of nature and science to get rid of everyday odors.

My Garbage Smells: How to Eliminate Trash Can Odors

Odors from your kitchen garbage can be the worst offender in your house. So how can you keep trash can odor from ruining meal time, attracting pesky bugs, or making guests wrinkle their noses? Follow these steps to get rid of nuisance garbage can odors for good.