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Eliminate Bathroom Odors With Natural Air Fresheners

Keep your W.C. from earning a "P.U."

Whether in your home or at the office, keep restrooms smelling clean with Fresh Wave natural air fresheners for bathrooms. Our bathroom odor eliminators attack smells at the source, so you get rid of odors for good -- not just cover them up. Apply Fresh Wave sprays directly to surfaces to instantly eliminate bad smells, or place gels anywhere in the room to absorb odors 24/7.

How it Works

Whether a spray or gel, Fresh Wave natural air freshener for bathrooms use a scientific approach to get rid of stubborn smells for good. Because all odors are chemical compounds, Fresh Wave odor eliminators get rid of smells by breaking apart the chemical bonds between odor molecules and forming new compounds. These new molecules don't have a smell, and bathroom odors are gone for good - not just covered up.

Chose the right natural air freshener for your bathroom


Apply Fresh Wave odor eliminating sprays directly to your sink, toilet, or in the air to instantly eliminate bathroom odors.


Place a container of odor absorbing gel on a shelf or counter for discreet, 24/7 odor relief where you need it most.


Burn an odor neutralizing candle to eliminate bathroom odors for you and your guests.