Athlete’s Odor Removing Kit

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When it comes to work out or sports odors, don't sweat it. You've got Fresh Wave. Our Athlete's Kit contains (1) Laundry Booster to keep your favorite gear in tip top shape, (1) 2 oz. Travel Spray for on the go de-stinkifying for everything from shoes to gym bags and (1) bag of Odor Removing Packs. With 6 packs in each bag you'll have enough for equipment bags, shoes, and anywhere else your gear could use a little freshening.
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Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Athlete's Kit
Athlete's Odor Removing Kit
Natural Ingredients
No harmful ingredients
Water Based
With Plant Oils

The Athlete's Odor Removing Kit contains:

(1) Laundry Booster, 24 fl. oz.
Eliminate odors from bedding, blankets, clothes, and more with our odor neutralizing laundry booster. Add this deodorizer to your load with regular detergent and remove the toughest odors.

(1) Travel Spray, 2 fl. oz.
Toss one in your purse or diaper bag for on-the-go odor removal.

(1) Odor Removing Packs, 6 ct.
Each bag contains 6 odor-removing Packs. Packs can be used to refill the Fresh Pod and work great on their own too. Drop a pack into any small space to begin eliminating pesky odors.

When it comes to workout or sports odors, don't sweat it. You've got Fresh Wave. Our Athlete's Kit is the perfect combination of products to remove those lingering sweaty odors. Throw in an odor-removing pack to any cleat or shoe to help remove after-workout odors. Spray down your gym bag or fitness gear with the Fresh Wave travel spray. Add the Fresh Wave Laundry Booster to your load to help remove extra odors.

Each individual product is made of it's own blend of natural ingredients. Please visit the ingredients page to learn more about what can be found in Fresh Wave products.

See full list of ingredients here.

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