The Fresh Wave Difference

Air Fresheners, Reinvented.

Traditional air fresheners don’t work as advertised. They often hide odors behind fake perfumes. Or rely on unsafe ingredients that can make you sick or harm the earth.
Now anyone can solve everyday odors without the bad stuff. Fresh Wave erases odors, leaving only fresh air behind, by using safe, simple ingredients and natural chemistry.

Plant-Powered Ingredients

Never Any

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What’s In Your Air Freshener?

Fresh Wave is safer, fresher, better.

Most air fresheners are made of ingredients you can't even pronounce — Phthalates, Benzisothiazolinone, Dialkyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate — let alone know what they do. Some of these ingredients can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, and throat; dry and red skin; and even birth defects and cancer, in some cases. And the phony fragrances they use can trigger allergies. Do you want your family inhaling those horrible harsh chemicals? Good news: there’s a healthier alternative.

Fresh Wave vs. traditional air fresheners

How it Works?

Thanks to Fresh Wave™ – powerful, natural chemistry developed over 30 years –
Fresh Wave odor solutions seek out and neutralize odor molecules in the air and on surfaces.
  1. FindThe blend of natural plant oils in Fresh Wave attract odor molecules.
  2. AbsorbThey attach and surround odor molecules.
  3. NeutralizeAll odors are eliminated with a chemical reaction.

Made in the USA

All Fresh Wave products are proudly manufactured in Rising Sun, Indiana, using quality ingredients sourced from across the globe.

Our Mission & Promise

Our goal? That each bottle, jar, and pack of Fresh Wave contributes to cleaner air and safer homes.

All products are backed by our Fresh Home ™. If it doesn’t work, we’ll replace it or refund you.

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