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help your fav athlete win the fight against odors!
Go ahead and play hard! We’ve got your back with the best natural odor removing products you or your sports star could ever use. Whether it’s stinky cleats, odorous equipment bags, rank gear or (gasp!) smelly uniforms, we’ve got a Fresh Wave product that will trounce powerful odors. Even those soaked in, sweaty, hold-your-nose kind of odors don’t stand a chance... with Fresh Wave, you are always #winning.
sports and gym odor eliminator
Stinky cleats and equipment bags? Toss in a Fresh Wave pack, and toss odors out!
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gym bag odor eliminator
Odors follow the team wherever they go? Up your odor removal game with travel spray. 
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gym laundry odor eliminator
Use our laundry booster as your best defense against stinky uniforms.
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locker room air freshener
Sports gear + car = a bad odor situation, but our gel will keep your ride smelling fresh. 
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locker room air freshening products
Our spray and gel destink any locker room, for any team, anytime (even the pros).
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gym odor control
Got a locker with a huge odor prob? The fresh pod locks odors out of small spaces!
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