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Keeping the Blackhawks smelling fresh since 2011
The Official Deoderizer of the Chicago Blackhawks
Hockey Players
Hockey gear odors are tough to remove...unless you have Fresh Wave. Made from natural ingredients and safe to use, Fresh Wave products are the best way to completely remove odors from uniforms, gear and locker rooms. In fact Fresh Wave is so effective at getting rid of offensive smells that the Chicago Blackhawks use it to keep their team smelling fresh. That’s why we are the official deodorizer of the Chicago Blackhawks. Try Fresh Wave Today and discover how safe, natural Fresh Wave is strong enough to help the pros stay odor-free but gentle enough to use in your home.
Laundry Booster

Destink that uniform with Laundry Booster. Gets out the odors your detergent can’t.

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Odor Removing Gel

Freshen the locker room or team bus 24/7 with odor removing gel.

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Odor Removing Spray

Stinky gear? Spray it away! Safe to use on all gear—pads, gloves, skates and bags.

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Odor Removing Packs

Pop our odor removing packs in skates to remove odors fast. Put a pod and pack in your bag for continous odor removal.

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