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Keep your pets; remove the odor

Fresh Wave® Products Remove Dog Odor from Any SurfaceDogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, there's no denying it. We love our pets. We love what they bring to our lives. The loyalty, companionship. The smells. Okay, so we don't love the smells so much. Which is why pet owners are also among the best Fresh Wave® customers. Fresh Wave products are safe to use around pets, and great at removing pet odors, especially urine and vomit.

For Deodorizing Carpet:
A few shakes of Fresh Wave Carpet Shake, a couple minutes and a quick vacuum are all you need to remove pet odors from carpeting. You can even use the Carpet Shake on upholstered furniture. You'll never smell your dog's favorite chair or worry about those cat urine accidents again.

For Deodorizing The Air:
Our odor control Crystal Gel is the perfect way to eliminate odors in a pet owner's home. Since it's natural with no harmful chemicals or toxins, it's safe to use around people and pets so can you can always feel okay leaving it open.

For Deodorizing Furniture:
Fresh Wave Spray provides targeted odor control, making it great for pillows, car interiors, litter boxes and more.